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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jul-2018Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds with special reference to anticancerous properties of selected medicinal plantsBudgujar, Nutan. V.Mistry, Kinnari.
3-Jul-2018Association of genetic variations in vegfa and calpain 10 genes with type 2 diabetic retinopathy in western indian populationJajal, Dhara. N.Kalia, Kiran.
29-Jun-2018Bio catalytic potential of laccase from tricholoma giganteum aghp in organic synthesisPatel, Helina. S.Gupte, Akshaya.
1-Jun-2018Biochemical and molecular studies on fusarium wilt in pigeon pea cajanus cajan l millspaughSunita, Mary. Ommene.Subramanian, B. R.
31-May-2018Detoxification of arsenic by marine bacterial isolatesKhambholja, Devang. B.Kalia, Kiran.
25-May-2018metabolic engineering of escherichia coli for biofuel production from keratinPawar, Vishakha.Subramanian, R. B.
25-May-2018Study of ligninolytic enzyme potential of agaricomycetes sp agat in bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsTripathi, Archana.Gupte, Akshaya.
25-May-2018Biological alternatives for termite control plant extracts as possible candidatesPatel, Krupal. K.Narasimhacharya , A. V. R. L.
23-Mar-2018Activity based screening of bacterial enzymes for potential application and diversity of ciliate community from rumen metagenomeShah, Ravi. K.Patel, K. C.
23-Mar-2018Genetic evaluation for y chromosome microdeletions responsible for male infertility in gujarat through variety of samplesNailwal, Mili.Chauhan, Jenabhai. B.
25-Jan-2018Use of lactococcus lactis for development of diarrheal vaccineYagnik, Bhrugu.Padh, Harish.
25-Jan-2018Improvement of nutritional characteristics and extension of shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables by using postharvest elicitors and edible coatingsVyas, Pinal. B.Rao Ramana, T. V.
15-Jan-2018Screening of phytobeneficial bacteria from coffea arabica l rhizosphere and their effect as biocontrolGeleta, Tekalign. Kejela.Thakkar, Vasudev. R.
15-Jan-2018rearrangement of substrate binding pocket of cellulase and xylanase for altered substrate preferencePrajapati, Anilkumar. S.Subramanian. R. B.
8-Jan-2018Ecological investigations of dry tropical forests of aravalli hills at udaipur and bhilwara western india with special reference to tree diversity biomass and nutrient dynamicsBhoi, Rohitkumar.Kumar, Rita. N.
27-Dec-2017Investigation of novel apoptosis inducing substances and their mode of actionThakor, Parth. K.Thakkar, Vasudev. R.
28-Sep-2017Multiple drug resistance staphylococcus aureus a molecular approachSingh, Navneetkumar, R.Kalia, Kiran.
26-Sep-2017Cost effective production optimization fermentation scale up and biodegradation assessment of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoatesRay, Sanketkumar. K.Trivedi, Ujjaval.
21-Aug-2017A structure based functional analysis of cyanobacterial light harvesting proteins and their prospective therapeutic applicationsSonani, Ravi. R.Datta, Madamwar.
21-Aug-2017Studies on the ace inhibitory and antioxidant potential of seasonal fruitsBhole, Krutika. Lalit.Narasimhacharya, A.V.R.L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 300