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21-Aug-2017Molecular analysis of culturable bacteria of the long term polluted amlakhadi canal ankleshwar gujarat and application of enriched consortia for degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons pahsVaidya, Sagar SDatta, Madamwar
25-Jan-2018Improvement of nutritional characteristics and extension of shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables by using postharvest elicitors and edible coatingsVyas, Pinal. B.Rao Ramana, T. V.
25-Jan-2018Use of lactococcus lactis for development of diarrheal vaccineYagnik, Bhrugu.Padh, Harish.
26-Sep-2017Cost effective production optimization fermentation scale up and biodegradation assessment of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoatesRay, Sanketkumar. K.Trivedi, Ujjaval.
28-Sep-2017Multiple drug resistance staphylococcus aureus a molecular approachSingh, Navneetkumar, R.Kalia, Kiran.
21-Aug-2017Studies on the ace inhibitory and antioxidant potential of seasonal fruitsBhole, Krutika. Lalit.Narasimhacharya, A.V.R.L.
21-Aug-2017A structure based functional analysis of cyanobacterial light harvesting proteins and their prospective therapeutic applicationsSonani, Ravi. R.Datta, Madamwar.
27-Dec-2017Investigation of novel apoptosis inducing substances and their mode of actionThakor, Parth. K.Thakkar, Vasudev. R.
24-Jul-2017Improvement of health promoting properties and enhancement of shelf life of short lived tropical fruits and vegetables by using some innovative post harvest technologiesBaraiya Nilanjana ST.V. Ramana Rao
14-Aug-2017Exploration of diet dependent shifts in ruminal microbes of indian buffalo and cattle through metagenomicsParmar, Nidhi. R.Nirmalkumar Ji