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2-Aug-2022Assessment of phytosociological and Physic chemical parameters in the selected wetlands of valsad district gujarat with special reference to macrophytesPatel, Harvikkumari. A.Sahoo, Susmita.
2-Aug-2022Carbon and nitrogen sequestration potential of soil profiles in different agro ecosystems of central gujaratPathak, Priyadharshani.Reddy, A. S.
14-Jun-2022Evaluation of trametes versicolor laccase in nanoemulsion based organogel for bioremediation of bisphenol aTrivedi, Janki. M.Urvish, Chhaya.
5-May-2022Study of biochemical and molecular aspects of nephrotic syndromeParmar, Glory. S.Mistry, Kinnari. N.
19-Apr-2022Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from moringa oleifera leaves and flowers special emphasis on metabolic pathway and therapeutic applicationsChauhan, Anitaba. P.Singh, Nirajkumar.
1-Mar-2022Studies on microbial production of organic solvent tolerant carboxylester hydrolases lipases and esterasesPatel, Radhika. K.Trivedi, Ujjaval. B.
16-Feb-2022Characterization of heavy metal uptake by amaranthus viridis and acalypha indica with potential for phytoremediationDharitri, B. Ramanlal.Kumar, Rita. N.
16-Feb-2022Structural characterization and biomedical applications of cyanobacterial phycobiliproteinsPatel, Stuti. N.Madamwar, Datta.
31-Jan-2022Studies on production purification and characterization of pseudomonas aeruginosa ukhl1 lipase and its applicationsPatel, Harshkumar. R.Trivedi, Ujjval. B.
31-Jan-2022investigating antibiofilm potential of deoxyribonuclease dnase and antimicrobials against pathogenic biofilmsSharma, Komal.Gupte, Shilpa.
31-Jan-2022Monitoring and assessment of groundwater quality from selected sites of anand district gujaratThakkar, Rashmi. M.Kumar, Rita. N.
26-Nov-2021Biochemical morphological and molecular studies on the effects of pyraclostrobin on tomato solanum lycopersicum lMesara, Sureshkumar. N.Subramanian, R. B.
12-Aug-2021Production and characterization of holocellulolytic enzymes applications in valorization of lignocellulosic biomass into value added productsPatel, Amisha. D.Shah, Amita. R.
9-Aug-2021Characterization of bacterial consortium scp for bioremediation of textile dyesNanjani, Sandhya.Keharia, Hareshkumar.
6-Aug-2021Studies on apolipoproteins apoa1 apob100 and lipoprotein a along with lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndromeRohit, Arpita. K.Haridas, N.
7-Jul-2021Optimization and evaluation of safe post harvest technologies for improvement of shelf life and quality maintenance of some short lived tropical fruitsMore, Sayali. K.Ramanarao, T. V.
7-Jul-2021Study of antagonistic and plant growth promoting characteristics of rhizobacteria isolated from rhizosphere of glycine max lPrajapati, Maitry.Thakkar, Vasudev. R.
7-Jul-2021Isolation purification and application of phycobilliprotein as a putative therapeutic agent special emphasis on neurodegenerative diseaseChaubey, Mukesh. G.Singh, Niraj Kumar
7-Jul-2021Structural attributes of light harvesting proteins of cyanobacteria and their therapeutic potentialPatel, Hiral. M.Datta, Madamwar.
24-Jun-2021Deciphering and understanding the microbial synergy towards poly aromatic hydrocarbon pollution a metagenomic and bioremediation approachPatel, Avani. B.Datta, Madamwar.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 322