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9-Sep-2019Formulation and evaluation of nanosponge based novel drug delivery systemsMahafez Ali, Osmani Mir Riyaz AliKulkarni, P K
9-Sep-2019Ligand based pharmacophore design synthesis of novel histone deacetylase inhibitors and their evaluation for antineoplastic potentialMohammed, ManalChandrasekar, M J N
27-Aug-2019Design synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel antibacterial agents targeting alanine racemaseU, JayaramAfzal Azam, Md
27-Aug-2019Formulation and evaluation of transdermal drug delivery system for the treatment of alzheimers diseaseRavi, GN, Vishal Kumar Gupta
18-Jun-2019Design implementation and evaluation of adverse drug reaction reporting system by community pharmacists in mysore districtM. S, SrikanthRamesh, A
28-Mar-2019Monoclonal antibody and drug combination therapy for an effective treatment of type 1 diabetesT. MaheshDhanabal. S. P
10-Apr-2019Novel nanoparticulates for targeted delivery to brain for management of status epilepticusVenkata Ramesh, YasamSenthil V
10-Apr-2019Computational design synthesis and in vitro in vivo evaluation of novel 9h pyrido 3 4 b indole derivatives as pololike kinase plk 1 inhibitorsJ, Gomathi PriyaChandrasekar MJN
10-Apr-2019Design and characterization of antimalarial drugs loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for effective treatment of uncomplicated malariaKrishna Baruah, UdayGowthamarajan K
10-Apr-2019Bioactivity guided fractionation and pharmacological applications of selected medicinal plants with antidiabetic activityK, RajendiranDhanabal S P