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25-Jan-2019Design of magnetic nanoparticles for triggered hyperthermic chemotherapyN, ShruthiNagesha, Dattatri K.
18-Jun-2019Safety surveillance and implementation of strategies for safe and quality use of vaccinesSebastian, JunyParthasarathi, G
18-Jun-2019Design of electrospun nanofiber mat for localized delivery of drugs for the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis osmfRaizaday, AbhayNagesha, Dattatri K
8-Jan-2019Design and development of novel mycobacterial enoylcoa reductase inha Inhibitors as anti TB agentsInturi, BharathkumarPujar V, Gurubasavaraj
16-Sep-2019Formulation and development of terbinafine loaded sln incorporated in hyaluronic acid gel for improved bioadhesion against vulvovaginal candidiasisV Harsha, MerikanapalliSenthil V
10-Apr-2019Novel nanoparticulates for targeted delivery to brain for management of status epilepticusVenkata Ramesh, YasamSenthil V
10-Apr-2019Establishing medication error reporting and monitoring program in a tertiary care hospitalChalasani, Sri HarshaRamesh M
10-Apr-2019Computational design synthesis and in vitro in vivo evaluation of novel 9h pyrido 3 4 b indole derivatives as pololike kinase plk 1 inhibitorsJ, Gomathi PriyaChandrasekar MJN
1-Aug-2019Evaluation of protective effect of few medicinal plants on ethidium bromide induced demyelinationNeelamma, GDuraiswamy, B
1-Aug-2019In silico virtual screening design synthesis and 3d qsar study of novel murd inhibitors as potent antibacterial agentsSrikanth Jupudiquot Afzal Azam, Mdquot