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8-May-2014Design of transition state analogue (TSA) imprinted polymers for the catalytic hydrolysis of Amino acid estersDeepthi, K PMathew, Beena
5-Mar-2013Redox chemistry of substituted pyrimidines: a radiation chemical studyLuke, Teena LisAravindakumar, C T
5-Mar-2013Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of pyridine derivativesAnabha, E RAsokan, C V
28-Jan-2013EPC syntheses employing (2S, 3S) and (2S, 3R) – Tetrahydro-3-Hydroxy-5-Oxo-2,3-Furandicarboxylic acids: syntheses of analogues of Quararibea Metabolite Chiral Enolic-LactonesGopinath, ChithraSaud, I Ibnu
28-Jan-2013Gas phase intramolecular cyclisation reactions of ionized aromatic compounds in mass spectrometryMoolayil, Joseph TGeorge, M
26-Nov-2013Effect of spherical and layered type fillers on the morphology and physicomechanical properties of Natural Rubber nanocompositesMeera, A PSabu Thomas
27-Feb-2013Banana and sisal fibre reinforced polyester compositesIdicula, MariesOommen, Zachariah; Thomas, Sabu; Joseph, Kuruvilla
28-Feb-2013Complexes of Iron(III) Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) and Copper(II) with some antipyrine derivativesMadhu, N TRadhakrishnan, P K
28-Feb-2013An ab initio theoretical study of the relative stabilities of benzene and prismane and some analoguesGeorge, JacobPius, K
28-Feb-2013Kinetic and mechanistic investigation of water- derived radicals and ozone with DNA constituents and their related compounds in aqueous mediumJacob, T AAravindakumar, C T