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Title: Studies on chemically modified quaternary onium salts and its use in some functional group transformation
Researcher: Nath, Utpal
Guide(s): Das, Pranab Jyoti
Keywords: Alcohols
University: Gauhati University
Completed Date: 31/12/2007
Abstract: PART A CHAPTER-1 Page No. 11-41 QUATERNARY quotONIUMquot SALTS IN ORGANIC SYNTHESIS - A Review PART A CHAPTER-2 Page No. 42-71 OXIDATION OF ALCOHOLS AND BENZYL HALIDES TO THE CORRESPONDING CARBONYL COMPOUNDS USING QUATERNARYAMMONIUMBROMATES Tetra-n-alkylammoniumbromates were prepared from the corresponding bromides by a simple procedure and used as primary oxidants for the oxidation of alcohols to the parent carbonyl compounds. PART A CHAPTER-3 Page No. 72-153 REGENERATION OF CARBONYL COMPOUNDS FROM THEIR OXIME, PHENYLHYDRAZONE AND SEMICARBAZONE DERIVATIVES BY OXIDATIVE METHODS Tetra-n-alkylammoniumbromates have been found to be an efficient novel reagent for the conversion of oximes, semicarbazones and hydrazones to the corresponding carbonyl compounds in excellent yields. PART A CHAPTER-4 Page No. 154-168 SYNTHESIS OF 1,2,3-TRIAZOLES BY OXIDATIVE CYCLIZATION Quaternaryammoniumbromates were used for the oxidative cyclization of bishydrazones and osazones to the corresponding 1,2,3-triazoles. PART A CHAPTER-5 Page No. 169-197 OXIDATION OF AROMATIC AMINES TO NITRO COMPOUNDS USING QUATERNARY quotONIUMquot BROMATES Tetra-n-alkylammoniumbromates were found to be a versatile reagent for the oxidation of a variety of aromatic amines nitro compounds. The products were readily accessible under notably mild conditions and yield percentage were excellent. PART B CHAPTER-6 Page No. 198-220 SOLVENT - FREE MICROWAVE ASSISTED ORGANIC SYNTHESIS - A Review PART B CHAPTER-7 Page No. 221-251 SOLID-BASE CATALYSED SOLVENT-FREE SYNTHESIS OF CHALCONES Chalcones were synthesized in a solvent free procedure using the solid-base Al2O3-OK on irradiation with microwave. The reaction conditions were environmentally benign and yields of the products were good. PART B CHAPTER-8 Page No. 252-276 A ONE POT THREE COMPONENT MICHAEL TYPE REACTION UNDER SOLVENT-FREE CONDITION CATALYSED BY A SOLID BASE The microwave-irradiated one pot reaction of aromatic aldehyde, ketone and active methylene compound were performed by using the solid base Al2O3-OK. Yield of...
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