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Title: Morphological and ecological studies on the myxophycean algae available in the Nagaon district of Assam India
Researcher: Bhuyan, Anjali
Guide(s): Boissya, C L
Keywords: Algae
University: Gauhati University
Completed Date: 31/12/1996
Abstract: The present research was an elaborate account of Myxophycean algae (BGA) occuring as terrestri-al, epiphytic, endophytic and lithophytic, forms in various localities of Nagaon District of Assam. This study com-prised of repeated collection of the algal specimens from various localities brought to the laboratory and establish-ment of their identities with their detailed morphological studies with measurement, drawing and photograph. Their identification were ascertained with reference to available literature and referring to institutions and laboratories engaged upon similar study. During repeated field-trips the effect of ecological factors like rainfall, humidity, PH of the substratum etc. on the growth and development of the BGA were also studied. The algal specimens collected during the course of the study and the slides prepared on them were preserved for future reference. It was interesting to note that the district was rich in BGA as during this study as many as 87 species distributed over 25 genera and 7 families were collected. The collected BGA were Gloeocapsa decorticians (A. Br.) Richter; G. luteofusa Martens; G. magma (Breb) Kutz; Chroococcus minor (Kutz) Nag; C. minutus (Kutz) Nag; C. montanus Hansgira; Microcystis flos- aquae (Wittr.) Kirchner ; Aphanothece Bullosa (Menegh) Rab ; A naegelii Wartm ; A. pallida (Kutz) Rabenh; A. stagina (Spreng) A. Br.; A. saxicola Nag; Gloeothece linearis Nag; Merismopedia elegans A. Br.; Holopedium germinatum Lagerh var. nov.; Microcoleus chthonoplastes Thuret ex. Gomont; Schizothrix lacustris A.Br. ex. Gomont; Lyngbya arboricola Bruhl et. Biswas; L. corticicola Bruhl et Biswas ; L. hieronymusii Lemm.; L. major Menegh ex Gomont; L. majuscula Harv.; L. putealis Mont ex Gomont; L. Contorta Lemmermann.; L. versicolor (Wartmann) Gomont; L. lagerheimii (Mob) Gomont.; L. birgei Smith ; Oscillatoria trichoides Szafer; O. subbrevis Schmidle; O. annae Van Goor; O. agardhii Gomont; O. splendida Grev; O. limosa Ag. ex Gomont; O. brevis (Kutzing) Gomont; O. acuminata f tenuis ;
Appears in Departments:Department of Botany

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