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13-Jul-2018Molecular characterization structural elucidation and pharmacological potential of cissampelos pareira l var hirsuta buch ham exdc formanAnupa M PVasanthakumari B
13-Jul-2018Physiological biochemical and morphological effect of certain medicinally important plant extracts against dengue vectorThanigaivel ASenthil Nathan S
4-Jul-2018Optimization of photobiological hydrogen production from freshwater microphyte chlorella vulgaris msu agm 14 employing seaweed valoniopsis pachynema as substrateLakshmikandan MMurugesan A G
7-May-2018Isolation of laccase enzyme and its utility in enzymatic fuel cell constructionUma Vanitha MUmamaheswari S
18-Apr-2018Biosynthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using myristica fragrans citrus aurantium and citrus limonum and its clinical applicationJelin F JArunachalam M
5-Apr-2018Pdtdb an integrative structural database and prediction server for plant metabolites and therapeutic drug targetsAshok kumar TRajagopal B
5-Apr-2018Screening and characterization of non ribosomal peptide synthetase enzyme from haloalkaliphilic actinomycetes isolated from solar salt worksAdlin jenifer JCitarasu T
6-Mar-2018Comparative efficacy of andrographolide and egg parasitoid trichogramma chilonis ishii against spodoptera litura feb and their acute toxicity against eudrilus eugeniae kinbergEdwin ESenthil Nathan S
28-Feb-2018Propagation and development of conservation strategies for elaeocarpus blascoi weibel a red listed plant tree species from palani hillsSiva MRavichandran P
28-Feb-2018Mariculture of the marine sponge clathria frondifera ridley 1884 and its bioactive potentials in comparison with other common sponges occurring along the southeast coast of indiaRajendran PLipton A P
10-Jan-2018Design and development of chitosan nanoparticle for target drug delivery system in urolithiasisUthaya Chandirika JAnnadurai G
13-Oct-2017Functional studies on posterior regeneration in earthworm eudrilus eugeniaeElaiya Raja SSudhakar S
13-Oct-2017Isolation and characterization of antimalarial compounds from aristolochia indica linn and plumbago zeylanica linn with prospective activity against the malarial vector anopheles stephensi liston dipteral culicidaePradeepa VSenthil Nathan S
13-Oct-2017Phytochemical and pharmacological investigations of cleidion nitidum muell arg thw ex kurz euphorbiaceaeMohan Das NParthipan B
21-Sep-2017Salicylic acid mediated gene expression and salt tolerance in asd16 and br26 oryza sativa lJini DBaby joseph
20-Jun-2017Molecular and functional studies of earthworm nervous systemNino G DSudhakar S
22-May-2017Effect of different levels of supplemental spirulina platensis and saccharomyces cerevisiae on broiler chick and detail studies on blood constituents carcass characteristic and heamatologyShanmugapriya BSaravana Babu S
20-Feb-2017Screening of pharmacologically active marine secondary metabolites isolated from marine organismsShiju, LAldous, V and Huxley, J
13-Feb-2017Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a few selected freshwater cyprinid fish species complexes in Western GhatsMurugan, MArunachalam, M
13-Feb-2017Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles and nanocomposites and their applications in biomedical and textile technologyPaulkumar, KAnnadurai, G
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34