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11-Dec-2020Study of Awareness of Human Rights Among Teachers and Students at Higher Secondary School LevelSatish Chand SainiShruti Tiwari
16-Dec-2020Impact of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises on Employment Generation In Kano State NigeriaMohammed Babagana ShettimaNaveen Sharma, Priyanka Banerji
4-Jun-2020Development Characterization lsolation of Some Flavonoidal Drugs for Evaluation of Wound Healing ActivityGaurav DubeyVinit Raj Anand Chaurasia
4-Jun-2020A Study On Learning In Governance The Role Of Policy Entrepreneurs In IndiaVivek MishraD.S. Malik Trilok Kumar Jain
25-Feb-2021Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Aldose Reductase InhibitorsJyoti PandeyRitu Gilhotra and Arun Kumar Gupta
25-Feb-2021Designing A Secure Framework of Video Streaming Over P2p NetworkGajanand SharmaBrigth Keswani and Dinesh Goyal
25-Feb-2021Analysis and Evaluation of Dynamic and Wear Modeling Of Cam and Follower of I C Engine with Surface Roughness through the Fractal DimensionRajendra Singh RajputNeeraj Kumar and Anshul Gangele
26-Feb-2021Analytical Study Erythrocyte Binding Protein of Plasmodium VivaxArvind SinghGaurav Sharma and Nakuleshwar Dut Jasuja
26-Feb-2021Improved Multipath Routing Protocol for Wireless AdHoc NetworkKalu Ram YadavDevesh Bandil and Dinesh Goyal
11-Dec-2020Development and Characterization of Hydrogel of Some Synthetic and Natural Polymers for Treatment of Oral MucositisPraveem Kumar JainRitu M. Gilhotra, Mohan Lal Kori