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9-Dec-2020Growth performance of Melia composita Willd and its allelopathic effect on under storey vegetation in different planting patternsVishwajeet SharmaDevendra Kumar
8-Jan-2013Evaluation of Metarhizium Anisopliae (Metsc.) for the management of Hypsipyla Robusta (Moore) on Mahagony and Odontotermes Spp. on selected timber yielding treesBalachander MRemadevi O K; Sasidharan T O
8-Jan-2013Studies on somatic embryogenesis, endogenous biochemical changes and genetic fidelity Of Bambusa Nutans Wall Ex. MunroRajput, Deependra SinghRathore, T S
8-Jan-2013Performance of different Casuarina species and its half sib population in Northern dry zone of KarnatakaChavan, Raju LViswanath, Syam; Shivanna, H
8-Jan-2013Improved delignification and fiber accessibility of Dendrocalamus strictus by white rot fungiSaini, Vipin KumarNaithani, Sanjay; Thapliyal, B P
8-Jan-2013In vitro propagation and evaluation of genetic fidelity of Melia Dubia Cav.Bhimi RamRathore, T S
8-Jan-2013Studies on Microsporidia in forest Lepidoptera with special reference to defoliator pestsBhattacharya, JayeetaRemadevi O K; Sasidharan T O
8-Jan-2013studies on reproductive biology and genetic variation for chemoagronomic traits in Rauwolfia Serpentina (L). Benth. Ex. Kurz.Usmani, Mohd. GufranMandal, A K; Chawhaan, Pravin H
4-Mar-2016Assessment of sustainability of forestry under integrated watershed development projectSharma, Dinesh KumarHooda, Anil Kumar
6-Mar-2020Ecology of alpine arid pastures with special reference to livestock grazing in upper Dhauli valley of Nanda Devi biosphere reserve Western HimalayaMitra, MonideepaAdhikari, B S and Rawat, G S