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7-Jul-2014Chemical modification of radiation damage in relation to the decay of the radiation-induced oxygen-sensitive and - insensitive sites in barley seedsJaved Afzal, S MKesavan, P C
8-Jul-2014Synthesis and degradation of aminosugar metabolic enzymes in yeastBiswas, ManikaDatta, Asis
24-Jul-2014Expression of members of arabidopsis phenylalanine ammonia lyase multigene familyAcharya, Biswa RanjanUpadhyaya, K C
12-May-2014Effect of overexpression of leafy on flowering in transgenic Brassica JunceaRoy, Suchandra DebBamezai, R N K; Sarin, Neera Bhalla
24-Jul-2014Studies on expression of cDNA and genomic clone of AmA1, a seed protein gene from amaranthus hypochondriacus in schizosaccharomyces pombeSarmah, BhaskarjyotiUpadhyaya, K C
21-May-2014Modulation of NK cell differentiation and activation by NK cell receptors for tumor cell expressed ligandsDas, AsmitaSaxena, Rajiv K
12-May-2014Investigations on the mechanism of light and BAP induced multiple shoot formation for the cotyledonary node of cajanus cajanGupta, Prem KumarBamezai, R N K; Sarin, Neera Bhalla
5-Jun-2014Effect of garlic and turmeric extracts and their functional components diallylsulphide and curcumin respectively on aging rat brainKiran BalaSharma, Deepak
5-Jun-2014Role of upstream sequence element in the expression of AtCAM5 (Calmodulin) Gene of ArabidopsisSingh, RashmiUpadhyaya, K C
9-Jun-2014Biochemical and electrophysiological study of iron induced experimental epilepsyPathak, Deena NathSingh, Rameshwar and Mohanty, P