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Title: A study of Attitude Aptitude and Motivation in Relation to Academic Achievement in English of Secondary School Students
Researcher: Smt. Bolaraddi Shankramma Tippanna
Guide(s): Dr. T.M.Geetha
Keywords: Attitude, Aptitude, Motivation, Academic Achievement
University: Karnataka State Womens University
Completed Date: 30/03/2015
Abstract: There are many languages in India. Totally 1652 mother tongue languages are recorded and over 190 recognized language varieties in the census of 1971 followed by languages with widespread currency. English after its origins in the 5th century has prospered in the different areas and colonies of the world. Its forays outside Europe began with the foundation of the American colonies. Later in the 16th century during the Renaissance period with the expansion of the British Empire in the 19th century, English emerged as a global language. It came to India as part of the colonial encounter between India and England in the second half of the 18th century. newlineEnglish arrived to India with the Britishers, since the Britishers had arrived here for the purpose of trade, English teaching in India started by some missionaries who started schools, where English was taught as one of the subjects. There was a reason why the Britishers did not think of encouraging the teaching of English initially, was that they feared that they might lose their colonies in India as they lost in America. This can create a diversion hence they focused their attention on trading and business. newlineThe importance of English in India went on increasing with the passage of time. A great demand for the spread of English education begun to be raised from the different parts of the country. To meet this demand Raja Ram Mohan Roy established the Hindu College in 1817. Soon, thereafter the missionaries opened a number of schools and colleges in which the teaching of English was given the most importance. Ironically, in 1823, one of our illustrious reformers Raja Rammohun Roy wrote a letter to Lord Amherst seeking replacement of Sanskrit and Arabic with English. The Britishers were waiting for an opportunity, and within a decade, Thomas Macaulay found India suitable to implement English here. newlineIn our country English was introduced during Queen Victoria s period i.e in 1858.Later the British could implement English language and literature. In India they did not care
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