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18-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Centella asiatica L urban an ayurvedic medicinal herbAlagumanian, SRao, M V
18-Oct-2016In vitro studies on endangered tree species_Hildegardia populifolia Roxb Schott and Endl and economically important tree species_Simarouba glauca DCLavanya, A RRao, M V
9-Aug-2018Scientific Validation of the Medicinal Properties of Celastrus Paniculatus willd using Animal and Microbial System and the development of in vitro Propagation system for its propagationGeorge LekhaArokiasamy D.I.
14-Oct-2016In vitro regeneration Agrobacterium rhizogenes_mediated transformation essential oil analysis and bioactivity of Cichorium intybus L cv focusNandagopal, SRanjitha Kumari, B D
14-Oct-2016Anti_candida activity of some medicinal plantsRavishankar, RKrishnamurthy, K V
14-Oct-2016In vitro studies hairy root cultures and psoralen production in Psoralea corylifolia L A valuable medicinal plantBaskaran, PJayabalan, N
14-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Gymnema elegans Wight and Arn Ex Wight and Gymnema sylvestre _Retz_ R Br Ex Roemer and SchultesKomalavalli, NRao, M V
19-Oct-2016Mass propagation and agrobacterium rhizogenes mediatad genetic transformation studies in Artemisia vulgaris LSujatha, GRanjitha Kumari, B D
18-Oct-2016In vitro regeneration and Agrobacterium_mediated genetic transformation of safflower _Carthamus tinctorius L_Vijayakumar, JRanjitha Kumari, B D
18-Oct-2016In vitro regeneration pharmacognosy and antimicrobial activities of Cichorium intybus LVelayutham, PRanjitha Kumari, B D