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26-Nov-2019Status of global warming using near surface weather parametersJanaki KAbrham Thambi Raja S
11-Apr-2019Spectroscopic investigations of flavonoid compounds with the aid of density functional theoryDipunadas C NBena Jothy V
11-Apr-2019Studies on various properties of glycine bases crystals grown by solution methodArul Asir Abraham DPerumal S
16-Mar-2019Nanopowder synthesis of pure and metal ion doped cadmium oxide via co precipitation calcination processing and characterizationJeejamol D.JJayakumari K
13-Mar-2019Studies on growth and characterization of swift heavy ion irradiated 2 amino 5 nitropyridine family of crystalsAmbrose Rajkumar MPrem Anand D
5-Mar-2019Growth and studies of some undoped and doped organic and semiorganic nonlinear optical crystalsEmerson Robin GSankar U
20-May-2019An analytical study and characterization of urinary calculi resected from kanyakumari districtEsra Sargunam NAbraham Thampi Raja S
14-Mar-2019Vibrational spectroscopic and dft computations of non linear optical chromophore materialsFemina Jasmine GDawn Dharma Roy S
25-Mar-2019Influence of some dopants and co dopants on the structural electrical electrochemical and photoinduced nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide nanorodsSantoshkumar BKalyanaraman S
25-Mar-2019Measurement of activity concentration of radionuclides and estimation of radiological indices due to radiation from the western ghats of south indiaSheela Udhaya Roselin MShanthi G