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13-Feb-2017Role of asymmetry and shape of periodic forces on bifurcations and chaos in duffing oscillatorRavichandran, VChinnathambi, V and Rajasekar, S
20-Feb-2017Ultrasonic studies on biodiesel and utilization of oil cakesMeena Devi, V NVijayalakshmi, G S
13-Feb-2017Structural electrical spectroscopic thermal and mechanical properties of ZTS crystals doped with some alkali halidesKrishnan, CSelvarajan, P; Freeda, T H
13-Feb-2017Characterization of triglycine sulpho_phosphate _TGSP_ crystals doped with some divalent metal impuritiesSiva Dhas, ASelvarajan, P; Freeda, T H
30-Jan-2017Phase transitions and shape deformations in high spin nucleiKanthimathi, GRajasekaran, T R
30-Jan-2017A study of electrical resistivity and conductance in the coastal zone of Tuticorin areaMohamed Ameen, S HArunachalam, N; Ramanujam, N
30-Jan-2017Growth and characterization of nonlinear optical _NLO_ single crystals L_histidine trifluroacetate _LHFA_ L_histidine tetrafluroborate _LHFB_ L_arginine tetrafluroborate _LAFB_ and divalant doped L_arginine acetate _LAA_Rayar, S LSelvarajan, P; Freeda, T H
30-Jan-2017Some study on geomagnetic and cyclonic storm induced atmospheric variations at low latitudeSubramanian, M VManohar Lal
30-Jan-2017FTIR and FTR spectral analysis of some poly atomic moleculesRenuka Devi, K BDurairaj, K S P; Chithambarathanu, T
30-Jan-2017Vibrational spectra assignment and analysis of some polyatomic moleculesJayaprakash, ADurairaj, K S P; Chithambarathanu, T