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22-May-2017Investigations on the growth and characterization of nlo single crystals of some undoped and doped glycine based nitrate compoundsDooslin mary DGerardin jayam Sr
13-Feb-2017The effect of organic amendments on the soil physical propertiesJeyamangalam, FAnnadurai, B and Arunachalam, N
25-Jul-2017Experimental investigations on nano structured components and thermal performance of solar heating systemsSudharlin Paul P HJeba Rajasekhar R V
28-Feb-2018Fabrication of novel mosb2 xcuxse4 cds solar cells using various complexing agents by simple cbd methodJoy Jeba VijilaMohanraj K
28-Feb-2018Investigations on the growth and physic chemical characterization studies of organic nlo crystals for photonics device fabricationJarald Brigit Gilda M JPrem Anand D
1-Sep-2017Physical characteristics chemical properties jatrophine compound analysis and antifungal studies on jatropha curcas samples using various spectroscopic techniquesThamizhselvi RSelvarajan P
1-Sep-2017Investigations on transition metal ions doped cds nanoparticlesRinu sam SRayar S L
19-Apr-2018Preparation and characterization of thermally evaporated cu2snxse3 and agycu2 ysnse3 thin filmsPrathiba Jeya Helan PMohanraj K
13-Oct-2017Electronic structure and magnetic properties of ti4n tix3n tix3 and xti3 compounds x v cr mn fe co using tb lmto methodSathana VMeenakshi G
13-Oct-2017Assessments of natural radioactivity and radiological hazards in building materials used in tiruvannamalai district tamilnadu india with statistical approachRaghu YRavisankar R