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13-Mar-2020Growth and characterization of certain nonlinear optical grystalsJanci Rani Juliet A.R.SMary Delphine S
14-Mar-2019Structural morphological and d c electrical conductivity measurements of pure kdp doped with nickel sulphate cadmium chloride potash alum and titanium oxide crystals grown by gel methodRameela M.PFreeda T.H
14-Mar-2019Crystal growth and characterization of some drugsRamukutty SRamachandran E
25-Mar-2019Tructural optical dielectric and photocatalytic activity of pure cuo and nio nanoparticlesUsha VKalyanaraman S
25-Mar-2019Spray pyrolysis preparation and characterization of nanostructured nickel based spinel oxides suitable for miniaturized devicesSajilal KMoses Ezhil Raj A
27-Nov-2020Soliton dynamics of 3 1 dimensional heisenberg ferromagnetic spin systemAddaline Stally GLatha M M
16-Nov-2020Structural study normal coordinate analysis and vibrational spectra of some biologically active moleculesSanthy K RDaniel Sweetlin M
25-Mar-2019Influence of some dopants and co dopants on the structural electrical electrochemical and photoinduced nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide nanorodsSantoshkumar BKalyanaraman S
25-Mar-2019Impedance spectroscopy analysis of metal oxide semiconductor nanocrystals of Various sizesPrema CMeenakshi Sundar S
25-Mar-2019Measurement of activity concentration of radionuclides and estimation of radiological indices due to radiation from the western ghats of south indiaSheela Udhaya Roselin MShanthi G