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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Aug-2017Studies on Some Aspects of Antennal Sensillai n OpiSina Arenosella Walker Lepidoptera X Loryctinae Oryctes Rhinoceros ColeopteraScarabaeidae and Mating Behaviour In OpiSinaJayaprakash RPrabhu V K K
21-Mar-2017Studies on proutista moesta westwood population dynamics control and role as a vector of yellow leaf disease of arecanutPonnamma K NKarnavar G K
27-Mar-2017A study on host association and oviposition behaviour of Mansonia uniformis Diptera CulicidaeAyyachamy Daniel BSripathy Prasad R
23-Feb-2017Varietal Preference and Management of Rice Weevil Sitophilus oryzae L Coleoptera Curculionidae in Stored Cassava Chips by Gamma RadiationJayaprakas C AKarnavar G K
28-Feb-2017Reciprocity between the feeding and breeding biology in poikilothermic vertebrates of Kerala Anabas Testudineus BLOCH PISCES Rana Hexadactylav Lesson AMPHIBIA and Calotes Versicolor DAUDIN REPTILIAAchamma ThomasThomas Zachariah
31-Jan-2019Action of Adrenal and Pancreatic Hormones on Certain Enzymes of Energy Metabolism in a Caecilian Gegenophis Carnosus BeddomeJosekumar V SOommen V Oommen
10-Aug-2017Parasitic and Predatory Association of Mites with MosquitoesRajendran RSripathy Prasad R
4-Apr-2017Some aspects of reproductive behaviour in the coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros L Coleoptera ScarabaeidaeMini APrabhu V K K
27-Jan-2017Thyroid Hormones and Lipid Diet Influence on Various Aspects of Lipid Metabolism Peroxidation Antioxidant Potential and Neurotransmitters in an Ectotherm Fish and an Endotherm RatSheelu VargheseOommen V Oommen
20-Oct-2015The effect of KMML kerala minerals and metals limited titanium dioxide industrial effluents on the biota of Chavarapanmana area of Kollam DistrictD Cruze, F GeorgeThomas, PJ