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5-Jan-2016Spectral electrochemical and structural studies of some copper and molybdenum complexes of malonoyl_ _succinoyl_ and adipoyl_dihydrazonesAhmed, AzizLal, R A
5-Jan-2016Synthesis and reactivity studies of organotin _IV_ complexes of 2_E__2_3_formyl_4_ hydroxy_1_diazenylbenzoic acid and related systems_ assessment of bonding structure and biological applicationsSingh, Keisham SurjitBasu Baul, T S
5-Jan-2016Physiological studies on spores _Akinetes_ of the blue_green alga Nodularia spumigenaYumnam, Dilrani DeviReddy, P M
17-Dec-2015Studies on some physico_chemical aspects of phosphate and vanadate apatites of calciumGupta, Sudhir KumarNarasaraju, T S B
17-Dec-2015Synthetic and mechanistic studies on polarized ketene dithioacetalsAsokan, C VJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Synthesis and structure of manganese and ruthenium complexes derived from some adipoyl dihydrazonesBasumatary, DebajaniLal, R A
17-Dec-2015Part A: studies on polarized keten_S,S_ and S,N_acetals part B: studies on reactions of trimethylammoniumcy anomethylid: a novel ammonium ylidBhattacharjee, Shakti SJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Heterocyclic synthesis involving 1,3_diaza_1,3_butadienes and related systemsDey, Paramita DMahanti, Mahendra K
17-Dec-2015Molecular orbital calculations on some metalloporphyrins and related systemsBhahacharjee, Kaushik KumarSubramanian, J
17-Dec-2015Svaantryottr hindi saahity ke vikas mein aakashvani ka avdanAkela, Amrul HasanPandey, Maadhvendra Prasad
17-Dec-2015Novel methods for the synthesis of A; pyridazine derivatives and related N_heterocycles from substituted 1, 4_diketones and B; cyclopropane acetic acid ethyl esters and hexa 3, 5 dienoic acid methyl esters via lead _iv_acetate oxidationsNongkhlaw, Rishan LangMyrboh, B
17-Dec-2015Studies on preparation and some physico_chemical aspects of solid solutions of phosphate and vanadate apatites of leadRao, Peta VenkataramanaNarasaraju, T S B
17-Dec-2015Synthetic studies on heterocyclesSuresh, J RJunjappa, H
17-Dec-2015Single electron transfer reaction studies by optical and ESR spectroscopyBhattacharjee, SuchandraChandra, Harish
17-Dec-2015Assessment of breathing level air quality in ShillongKatiyar, Sarvesh ChandraKhathing, D T and Dwivedi, K K
17-Dec-2015Studies on the micellization behaviour of surfactants in selected solvent mediasDev JaharIsmail, K
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of new Ruthenium II Rhodium III and Iridium III complxes containing tridentate and tetradentate N_basesKota, Thirumala PrasadMohan Rao, K
14-Dec-2015Synthetic and structural investigation of molybdenum, nickel and zinc complexes derived from bis, 2_hydroxy_l_naphthaldehyde succinoyldihydrazoneChakrabarty, MithunLal, R A
14-Dec-2015Purification and properties of Buffalo _Bubalus bubalis_ plasma fibronectinChoudhury, NandiniSharma, Ramesh; Yahiya Khan, M
14-Dec-2015Syntheses, spectral and structural studies of N5 and N6 cyclichydrocarbon complexes of some platinum group metals with N,N and O,O donor bidentate ligandsPachhunga, KMohan Rao, K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 122