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27-Aug-2019Facile synthesis characterization optical properties and biomedical applications of novel fluorescent carbon dotsRaja ARaj V
9-Sep-2019Induced electron transfer reactions in pentaamminecobalt iii complexes of a hydroxy acids in micellar mediumRaghupathi Raju M.VSubramani K
9-Sep-2019Some plant extracts as green corrosion inhibitors for mild steel corrosion in acid mediumKavitha RSankar A
9-Sep-2019Synthesis characterization and applications of fe3o4 immobilized magnetic nano carbon balls for the adsorption of textile dyes under batch and column modeKumaravelan VSivakumar P
23-Aug-2019Dft investigations on the torquoselectivity of iron tricarbonyl catalysed electrocyclic ring opening of substituted cyclobutenesPrathipa CAkilandeswari L
27-Aug-2019Preparation and characterization of nd2mo2o9 based oxide ion conductorKalaivani NRajasekhar M
29-Aug-2019Development of mineralized bio ceramic coatings on implant substrate by electrodeposition methodChozhanathmisra MRajavel R
3-Sep-2019Synthesis characterization and application of polyaniline metal oxide composites for the adsorptive removal of reactive dyesChandrasekaran VRamasamy A K
27-Mar-2019Macrocyclic schiff base metal complexes synthesis spectral characterisation density functional theory and cytotoxicity explorationsMuthukumar MRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Development of porous mineralized hydroxyapatite conducting polymer bilayer coatings on 316l stainless steel for improved orthopedic applicationsRamya SGopi D