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13-Mar-2015Phytochemistry biological activities and biosynthesis of metal nanoparticlesSubramanian RRaj V
21-Dec-2012New benzotriazole derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for copper in aqueous media by electro analytical and surface characterization studiesAngeline Sakila, D MGopi, D
8-Jul-2014Dyes adsorption on plant materials and silica for evaluating their toxic effects on plant soil and waterBuvaneswari, NKannan, C
31-May-2017Theoretical analysis and density functional theory studies of 1 2 dioxetanes luminols and peroxy chemiluminescence substrates of horseradish peroxidase a classical clinical toolThangamani VRagunathan V
16-Oct-2015Dna interaction and antibacterial activity of mononuclear schiff base metal complexes derived from o phenylenediamine derivatives synthesis and spectral characterizationMaheswaran PRajavel R
22-Apr-2013Electroanalysis of organic drugsSikkander, A MohamedManisankar P
16-Oct-2015Spectral investigation and biological assessment of new binuclear transition metal complexes of 2 6 diaminopyridine based binucleating schiff base derivativesUsharani MRajavel R
16-Oct-2015Synthesis spectral characterization and biological evaluation of new binuclear metal 2 complexes of onno chelating tetradentate schiff base derived from 3 3 dihydroxybenzidineAkila ERajavel R
20-Aug-2014Synthesis and characterization of substituted quinoline 2 1H ones and Its analoguesMohan KRamasamy A K
8-Jul-2014Organic transformations using zeolite supported reagents and modified mcm 41 as catalystsSivakumar, KLalitha, A