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14-Feb-2019Inhibition character of some semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones derivatives and its synergistic effect in presence of halide ions and metal ions on mild steel in 1 n h2so4Shanmugapriya VUmarani C
27-Aug-2019Preparation and characterization of nd2mo2o9 based oxide ion conductorKalaivani NRajasekhar M
27-Mar-2019Studies on structural elucidation green synthesis of nanoparticles and biological applications of the extracts from the selected medicinal plantsKokila KSujatha V
27-Mar-2019Macrocyclic schiff base metal complexes synthesis spectral characterisation density functional theory and cytotoxicity explorationsMuthukumar MRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Development of newer methodologies for the construction of heterocyclic scaffolds using homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysisMaheswari C.SLalitha A
27-Mar-2019Investigations on nickel ii copper i ii and ruthenium ii chelates encompassing thiourea dithiocarbazate derivatives synthesis structure and bio applicationsVijayan PViswanathamurthi P
27-Mar-2019An investigation on the synthesis characterization in vitro biological and catalytic activities of binuclear and mesoporous schiff base cu ii ni ii complexes and cuo nanoparticlesMalathy MRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Synthesis spectral characterization dna interaction and antimicrobial studies of schiff base metal ii complexesAshokan RRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Spectral characterization molecular modeling and bioactivity of homo and hetero binuclear schiff base metal complexes derived from 3 5 dichloro 2 hydroxyacetophenoneBhoopathy R. PARajavel R
8-Apr-2019Copper ii schiff base complexes immobilized silica matrix for catalytic applicationsAnbarasu GRajavel R