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11-Jan-2016Pharmacological and phytochemical study of butea monosperma lam stem bark mechanism based analytical approachMuralidhar,AvulaBabu,K. Sudhakar
11-Jan-2016Synthesis and spectral studies of some disulphides and disulphonesDevi,K. P. LakshmiPeeran,Syed Ghouse
11-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric studies on metal ions in solution zero first and second order derivative spectrophotometric determination of vanadium V using salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazoneReddy,S. SuryanarayanaReddy,T. Sreenivasulu
11-Jan-2016Studies on analytical applications of oximes 2 4 dihydroxypropiophenone oxime a reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of copper II and cobalt IIPrasad,K. R. K. H. V.Reddy,V. Krishna
11-Jan-2016Electrochemical studies of organic compounds polarographic and cyclic voltammetric studies of 5 bromo salicylaldehyde and its isonicotinoyl hydrazoneRavindra,K.Reddy,P. Raveendra
8-Jan-2016Analytical studies of biological active compoundsReddy,Yeluri RamachandraRavindranath,L. K.
8-Jan-2016Preparation and characterization of sodium alginate hydroxyl propyl cellulose blend membranes for application of pervaporation process to separate aqueous isopropanol solutionRao,U. Sajankumar jiSubha,M. C. S.
8-Jan-2016Development and validation of new analytical methods for impurity profiling of pharmaceutical substancesReddy,Musirike MaheswaraReddy,K. Hussain
8-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric estimation of selected drugs in pharmaceutical formulationsPrabhavathi,K.Reddy,T. Sreenivasulu
8-Jan-2016Synthesis and biological activity of nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsReddy,Y. SivaramiChakravarthy,I. E.
8-Jan-2016Synthesis characterisation and property study of superconducting materials studies in underdoped yttrium barium copper oxide Y1Ba2Cu3O6 xRao,G. V. NarasimhaSeshagiri,V.
8-Jan-2016Studies in organic polarography electrochemical behaviour of 1 toluenyl sulfonyl 3 amino 4 substituted arylhydrazono 2 pyrazolin 5 ones and polarographic and spectral studies of metal complexes of malonic acid dihydrazide MAHKumar,Kakarla RamanaSwamy,G. Narayana
8-Jan-2016Analytical chemistry of some transition elements analytical studies of some first row transitional metals using methyl 2 4 dihydroxybenzylidene 2 aminoanilineSrinivasan,S.Seshagiri,V.
8-Jan-2016Studies in the chemistry of metal ions of industrial importance spectrophotometric determination of metal ions of industrial importance Viz Au III Pt IV Pd II Os VIII Cu II and Ni II using thiosemicarbazonesPrakash,K. M. M. S.Reddy,D. Venkata
8-Jan-2016Assay of few drugs by spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatographyRao,Dama. VenugopalaChakravarthy,I. E.
8-Jan-2016Electro organic studies synthesis characterisation and electrochemical studies on N p toluenesulphonyl 3 methyl 4 substituted arylhydrazono pyrazolin 5 ones and N 2 hydroxybenzoyl 3 5 dimethyl 4 substituted arylazo pyrazolesNagaraju,V.Ramana,P. Venkata
8-Jan-2016Studies in organic polarography including some other aspects of organic compounds synthesis electrochemical behaviour and corrosion studies of some substituted arthydrazono pyrazoline 5 ones and arythydrazono isoxazoline 5 onesSatyanarayana,D. N.Ravindranath,L. K.
8-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric investigations on metal complexes of heterocyclic thiosemicarbazonesReddy,K. VasudevaReddy,K. Hussain
8-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric investigation on medicinal compounds study of the colour reactions of 3 4 5 tri methoxy benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone and thiosemicarbazone with certain metal ionsRathnam,D. VenkataRao,V. Suryanarayana
8-Jan-2016Synthesis antimicrobial screening and some other aspects of pyrazolone heterocyclesReddy,M. DastagiriRavindranath,L. K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 396