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11-Jan-2016Investigations on DNA binding and cleavage activities of DI and polynuclear transition metal complexesBabu,P. HariReddy,K. Hussain
23-Dec-2015Electroanalytical determination of metal ions schiff base derived from tris hydroxy methyl methylamine as chelating agentSreenivasulu,K.Sreenivasulu,R.
23-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric investigation on medicinal compounds studies on the colour reactions of diacetylmonoxime thiosemicarbazone with certain metal ionsGangadhar,V.Rao,V. Suryanarayana
7-Jan-2016Synthesis and spectrochemical characterization of new azomethine metal complexes azomethines derived from different alkylamines and vanillinVenkataswamy,S.Sreeramulu,J.
28-Dec-2015Electrode reactions of metal complexes Pb II and Zn II 4 AAP systemsBabu,K. SudhakarSreenivasulu,R.
28-Dec-2015Oxidation kinetics of some organic substrates by metal ions oxidation of methoxy jolvenos by chromium VITumati,Venkata Ashok Kumar ReddyChowdary,M. Chandraiah
28-Dec-2015Polarographic studies of metal complexes benzoyl acetone iris as complexing agentPrasad,Gattu BabuSreenivasulu,R.
8-Jan-2016Synthesis and characterization of polymeric hydrazones and their metal chelates synthesis and characterization of polymer metal complexes derived from poly methacryloxybenzaldehyde divinylbenzene benzoyl hydrazone resinsRavoof,Sk. AbdulRamana,P. Venkata
22-Apr-2016Study of metal schiff base complexes schiff base derived from 4 chloro acetophenone and trisShafi,MahammedSreenivasulu,R.
28-Dec-2015Polarographic studies of metal complexesAmeer,S. SyedSreenivasulu,R.