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28-Dec-2015Organic reagents in the spectrophotometric determination of transition metal ions spectrophotometric and derivative spectrophotometric determination of Co II using 2 4 dihydroxy benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazoneMahammad,Shaik NoorReddy,T. Sreenivasulu
28-Dec-2015Metal complexes in analytical chemistry analytical studies of vanadium V and cerium IV using N salicylidene p acetamidoanilineMurthy,Tadimeti BhanuSeshagiri,V.
28-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterisation of metal complexes 2 hydroxy 1 naphthaldehyde iris as chelating agentVenkatachalapathi,G.Sreenivasulu,R.
28-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric determination of metal ions in solution spectrophotometric determination of V IV and Ti IV using ortho hydroxy acetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazoneSatyanarayana,K.Reddy,T. Sreenivasulu
8-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric investigations on metal complexes of heterocyclic thiosemicarbazonesReddy,K. VasudevaReddy,K. Hussain
28-Dec-2015Spectroscopic investigation of dithiocarbamates metal complexes biological studies dithiocarbamate derived from 2 amino 6 methyl pyridineHanumanthurayudu,K.Sreeramulu,J.
28-Dec-2015Synthesis spectral characterization of new azomethine metal complexes 2 amino 5 methyl pyridine as a complexing agentAnil Kumar,S. VinodSreeramulu,J.
28-Dec-2015Determination of heavy metal ions in environmental samples spectrophotometric determination of Cr VI Pb II and Cd II using 5 5 dimethyl 1 3 cyclohexanedione bisthiosemicarbazone monohydrochlorideDevaragudi,C. S.Reddy,K. Hussain
28-Dec-2015Studies in analytical chemistry of metal ions spectrophotometric determination of iron III and uranium VI using res acetophenoneoxime in presence of organic solventsRao,C. KesavaReddy,V. Krishna
5-Jan-2016Studies in transition metal complexes spectrophotometric determination of iron III and nickel II using 2 4 dihydroxyacetophenone thiosemicarbazoneReddy,Katreddi HussainReddy,D. Venkata