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18-Dec-2015UV visible spectrophotometric analysis of few drugs in pharmaceutical formulationsReddy,A. J. PratapaChakravarthy,I. E.
18-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of metal complexes of biological relevance spectrophotometric determination of metal ions by using hydrazonesRamudu,M. JayaReddy,K. Hussain
30-Oct-2012Spectrophotometric investigations on medicinal compounds: Studies on the color reactions of diacetylmonoxime 2- aminoisonicotinoyl hydrazone and isonicotinoyl hydrazone with certain metal ionsMallikarjuna, PSuryanarayana Rao, V
23-Dec-2015Studies on metal complexes synthesis and characterization of some metal complexes of isonicotinicacid hydrazonesReddy,B. Siva KumarReddy,T. Sreenivasulu
23-Dec-2015Synthesis antimicrobial screening and some other aspects of imidazole heterocyclesSreedevi,M.Ravindranath,L. K.
7-Jan-2016Synthesis of carbohydrate molecules of biological importance stereoselective synthesis of monosaccharide derivatives of biological importanceReddy,L. Vijaya RaghavaShaw,Arun Kumar
28-Dec-2015Synthesis and spectral studies of new azomethine metal complexes biological activity 2 amino 3 methyl pyridine as a complexing agentHazarathaiah,Ch.Sreeramulu,J.
28-Dec-2015Studies on complex formers in chemistry spectrophotometric behaviour of resacetophenone salicylicacid hydrazone and polarographic behaviour of resacetophenone benzoicacid hydrazone and resacetophenone salicylicacid hydrazoneTharulatha,T.Seshagiri,V.
28-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of some metal complexes of hetero functional ligandsJayaramudu,M.Reddy,K. Hussain
18-Dec-2015Determination of metal ions of biological importance spectrophotometric determination of some metal ions of biological and industrial importance using 1 3 cyclohexanedione bisthiosemi carbazone monohydrochlorideReddy,Katreddi HussainReddy,D. Venkata