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18-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of some metal complexes of biological importance transition metal complexes of quadridentate schiff base ligandsSreenivasulu,Y.Reddy,K. Hussain
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric determination of selected drugs in pharmaceutical preparationsReddy,M. PurushothamReddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Analytical method development and validation of pharmaceutical productsMallu,Useni ReddyReddy,K. Hussain
18-Dec-2015Studies on metal complexes analytical applications of thiosemicarbazones A spectrophotometric studyMurthy,G. V. RamanaReddy,T. Sreenivasulu
4-Jan-2016Spectrochemical characterization DNA binding studies of new dithiocarbamate metal complexesAhamad,M. MusthakSreeramulu,J.
4-Jan-2016Analytical chemistry of medicinally important organic compounds development and validation of simultaneous determination of paracetamol and caffeine montelukast sodium azithromycin bupropion hydrochloride in the drug products by HPLCMastanaiah,T.Rao,V. Suryanarayana
4-Jan-2016UV visible spectrophotometric analysis of few drugsVenkateswarlu,D.Chakravarty,I. E.
8-Jan-2016Synthesis and biological activity of nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsReddy,Y. SivaramiChakravarthy,I. E.
8-Jan-2016Studies in the chemistry of metal ions of industrial importance spectrophotometric determination of metal ions of industrial importance Viz Au III Pt IV Pd II Os VIII Cu II and Ni II using thiosemicarbazonesPrakash,K. M. M. S.Reddy,D. Venkata
8-Jan-2016Polarographic and spectrophotometric studies on certain medicinal compoundsSubbarayudu,T.Rao,V. Suryanarayana