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23-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric and electrochemical studies on certain medicinal compounds analytical applicationsPrasad,A. Raghavendra GuruRao,V. Suryanarayana
28-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric investigations on medicinal compounds spectrophotometric methods for the determination of ascorbic acid tetracyclines asprin pencillin and certain metal ionsNallappa,T. C.Rao,V. Suryanarayana
28-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of anions and cations of agricultural importance salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazone as an analytical reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of some metal ions and anions of agricultural importanceReddy,Nallapareddy SubbaramiReddy,D. Venkata
28-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and biological evalvation of novel heterocyclesSubbanarayana,K.Ravindranath,L. K.
12-Jan-2016Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of novel heterocyclesBegum,D. IshrathRavindranath,L. K.
28-Dec-2015Metal complexes in analytical chemistry analytical studies of vanadium V and cerium IV using N salicylidene p acetamidoanilineMurthy,Tadimeti BhanuSeshagiri,V.
28-Dec-2015Derivatives of hydroxyacetophenones in analytical chemistry 2 hydroxyacetophenone thiosemicarbagone as a new spectrophotometric reagent for the determination of copper II and palladium IIMurthy,Gollapudi V. R.Reddy,T. Sreenivasulu
28-Dec-2015Studies in analytical chemistry kinetic study of Hg II and Ag I catalysed reaction of hexacyanoferrate II and HMBP a physico chemical studyGangadharappa,M.Seshagiri,V.
28-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of model compounds of metalloporphyrinsKrishna,A.Reddy,K. Hussain
28-Dec-2015Studies in analytical chemistry of metal ions spectrophotometric determination of iron III and uranium VI using res acetophenoneoxime in presence of organic solventsRao,C. KesavaReddy,V. Krishna