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8-Jan-2016Synthesis and biological activity of nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsReddy,Y. SivaramiChakravarthy,I. E.
18-Dec-2015Studies in the chemistry of metal complexes of biological relevance spectrophotometric determination of metal ions by using hydrazonesRamudu,M. JayaReddy,K. Hussain
18-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and biological activity of novel heterocyclic compoundsSuresh Kumar,E. V.Ravindranath,L. K.
18-Dec-2015Synthesis and spectrochemical characterization of new azomethine metal complexes biological activity 2 amino 2 methyl 1 propanol as complexing agentAnand,B.Sreeramulu,J.
18-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and biological studies of heterocyclic compoundsSakam,Saidu ReddyRavindranath,L. K.
7-Jan-2016Synthesis characterization and antibacterial evaluation of novel heterocyclics pyrrolidines chalcones morpholines and quinoxalinesReddy,B. JayachandraReddy,M. C. Somasekhara
7-Jan-2016Organo sulfur compounds synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some sulfone derivativesKumar,L. VinaySwamy,G. Narayana
5-Jan-2016Studies on mixed ligand complexes of biological importanceChandrasekhar,K. B.Reddy,K. Hussain
5-Jan-2016Organo sulphur compounds synthesis characterisation and biological evaluation of some sulphides and sulphones from chalconesKumar,L. VinaySwamy,G. Narayana
18-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some nitrogen containing compoundsReddy,B. SurendraReddy,P. Raveendra