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9-Sep-2019Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions and Dyes from Aqueous Solution onto Activated Plaster of ParisSankar K.R.Venkatraman B.R.
5-Aug-2019Synthesis and characterization of some new carbon bonded anionic sigma complexes with Zimmermann salt type structure from 1 chloro 2 4 dinitrobenzene 1 3 dimethylpyrimidine 2 4 6 1H 3H 5H trione and amines as anticonvulsant hypnotic agentsSridevi G.Kalaivani D.
2-Aug-2019DNA BSA binding and anticancer studies of some Polymer anchored copper ii diimine complexes and Long chain aliphatic amine coordinated cobalt iii Schiff base complexesAmbika S.Arunachalam S.
2-Aug-2019Study Of Suitable Anode Material For Lithium Ion BatteryRavikumar R.Gopukumar S.
2-Aug-2019Inhibitive Behaviour Of Poly Acrylic Acid With Metal Ion Systems On Corrosion Of Mild Steel In Chloride EnvironmentDharmalingam V.Arockia Sahayaraj P.
2-Aug-2019Chemical Analysis Of Groundwater From Various Parts Of Thanjavur District And Removal Of Hardness Ca2plus Mg2plus Using Low Cost AdsorbentsKannan D.Mani N.
2-Aug-2019Synthesis Characterisation And Biological Studies Of Some Azo CompoundsLoganathan K.Sithick Ali K.
2-Aug-2019A new type of carbanionic sigma complexes from 1 3 dichloro 4 6 dinitrobenzene pyrimidine 2 4 6 1H 3H 5H trione and amines synthesis spectral characterization and evaluation of single crystal X ray diffraction data biological activitiesBabykala R.Kalaivani D.
16-Jul-2019Solvothermal And Solvent Free Mechano Chemical Greener Synthesis Characterisation And Applications Of Metal Organic MaterialsRooba Vithiya R.Madhurambal G.
16-Jul-2019Analysis Of Bioactive Compounds And Evaluation Of Biological Activities Of Cissus Vitiginea Leaves ExtractSingaravadivel C.Joseph Santhanaraj K.
16-Jul-2019Adsorption studies of selected metal Ions and Dyes using Activated Carbon Derived from Galinsoga Parviflora and Modified with ZnCL2Sivanesan P.Pragathiswaran C.
16-Jul-2019A comparative study on synthesis characterization thermal and ion exchange Properties of terpolymer compositesVelmurugan G.Riaz Ahamed K.
16-Jul-2019A Study On Removal Of Selected Metal Ion By Adsorption And Biosorption Techniques Using Borassus FlabelliferThiyakarajan S.K.Hidayathulla Khan T.
16-Jul-2019Studies on Synthesis and Characterization of New Polymers for PhotovoltaicsSannasi V.Jeyakumar D.
16-Jul-2019Processes Influencing Corrosion and Passivity at Metal Atmosphere and Metal Electrolyte Interfaces Investigations using Mathematical Models and Computer SimulationsSherwood D.Bosco Emmauel
16-Jul-2019Chalcone Derivatives As Corrosion Inhibitors On Mild Steel In Sulphuric Acid A Novel StudySurya Priyadharshini R.Mohamed Sirajudeen P.
16-Jul-2019Groundwater Quality And Its Suitability For Drinking And Agricultural Use In Udayarpalayam Taluk Ariyalur District TamilnaduSuriyakala K.Sekar K.G.
16-Jul-2019Synthesis Characterization and Electrochemical investigation of Naphthaldehyde based Macrocyclic Ligands and their complexes of Co III Ni II Cu II and Zn II metal IonsRakesh Sharma L.Paul Angelo A.N.
16-Jul-2019Biophysical and Biological studies of Ternary Copper II complexes anchored Polyethyleneimine in vitro approach for the search of Polymetric anticancer DrugsSugumar K.Arunachalam S.
16-Jul-2019C H Activation Of Ortho Functionalized Anilines And Aryl and#914; Ketoesters Synthesis Of Isatins Benzothiadiazine 1 1 Dioxides Styrylquinazolines 1 4 Enediones And Related Natural ProductsSatish G.Ilangovan A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 520