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20-Jun-2013Phytochemical, anti-microbial, anti-cancerous, micropropagational studies and DNA barcoding of Physalis minima L.Ruby Priskilla, JSebastian Rajasekaran, C
20-Jun-2013Study on the characterization of coelomic fluid of eudrilus eugeniae and its effect on plants and animal cells in 19the in-vitro culture systemVeeramani, ARavikumar, R
18-Jun-2013Protoplast, cell suspension culture and genetic transformation studies on withania somnifera (L) DunalAslam, AShajahan, A
19-Jun-2013Isolation , inentification and optimization of phosphate solubilization microorrganiams by physical and chemical mutagens, carbon and nitrogen sources on the production of phosphate and lipaseRajeshkumar, JMuhammad Hyas, M H
20-Jun-2013In vitro and vivo studies on quercetin flavonoid producing medicinal plants: abutilon indicum linn. and solanum surattense burm F.Ramar, KNandagopalan, V
25-Sep-2012Somatic embryogenesis through cell suspension culture in Indian commercial cultivars of banana (Musa Spp.)Akbar, AShajahan, A
25-Sep-2012In vitro culture and Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation studies in Castor (Ricinus communis L. cv. TMV5) for improved tolerance to fungal diseasesGanesh Kumari, KJayabalan, N
25-Sep-2012Studies on genetic diversity of withania somnifera (L.) Dunal of Tamil NaduRafi, K MohamedShajahan, A
25-Sep-2012Phytochemical, pharmacological, in vitro propogation and molecular studies on Phyllanthus niruri L.Karthikeyan, KKulothungan, S
18-Jun-2013Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of mid-elevation forests of Pachamalai Hills, Tamil NaduAnburaja, VNandagopalan, V