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17-Oct-2016Investigation on the epididymis and its role in the secretion of seminal proteins in an Agamid lizard and a fresh water turtleManimekalai, MAkbarsha, M A
17-Oct-2016Ecology reproductive biology and systematics of some neritids Neritacea prosobranchia of SouthEast coast of IndiaSabesan, MKanakasabai, R
17-Oct-2016Comprehensive live feed culture technology and its implication in freshwater larvicultureJustin Diraviaraj, DChandran, M R
17-Oct-2016Studies on fusarium and pseudomonas infections in the shrimp penaeus monodon (Fabricius)Antoinette, Ramola Elizabeth TGeraldine P
18-Oct-2016Biotransformation and antioxidant enzymes in the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii and Macrobrachium lamarrei LamarreiArun, SSubramanian, P
18-Oct-2016Histomorphology biochemistry and chemical identification of rat scent glands in view of rodent pest management a new light in IPM programmeKannan, SArchunan, G
19-Oct-2016A comprehensive study of three contrasting lentic systems in the context of aquacultureJayanthi, MChandran, M R
17-Oct-2016Ecology and conservation of Asian elephants _Elephas maximus_ with special reference to habitat utilization in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary Tamilnadu South IndiaSivaganesan, NSathyanarayana, M C
17-Oct-2016Histophysiological and ultrastructural studies on the ductus deferens of the Indian garden lizard Calotes versicolor daudin with special reference to ampulla ductus deferentisDaisy, PAkbarsha, M A
19-Oct-2016Observations on the juveniles of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii _H Milne Edwards_ following exposure to mercury _Hg_ and copper_Cu_Yamuna, AGeraldine, P