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17-Oct-2016Ecology of asian Elephants _Elephas maximus_ their habitats and interactions with people in Hosur and Dharmapuri forest divisions Tamil Nadu South IndiaRamesh Kumar, SSathyanarayana, M C
17-Oct-2016Responses of the_freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii _Milne Edwards_ to the toxicological doses of heavy metals cadmium copper chromium and zincVijayaraman, KGeraldine Veronica Vimala Rani, P
18-Oct-2016On the nutritional and reproductive cycles of mullets Liza dussumieri _VAL_ and Mugil cephalush L of Muthupet saline swamp Tamil Nadu in the context of aquacultureBaskaran, P RChandran, M R
19-Oct-2016Molecular studies on tumor progression and characterization of anti_tumorogenic property of Butea monosperma floral extract in a transgenic mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma _HCC_Mathan, GBalasundaram, Chellam and Kumar, Vijay
14-Oct-2016Stress response in the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium makolmsonii _H Milne Edwards _studies on heat shock protein70 _Hsp70_ and pyruvate metabolismSelvakumar, SGeraldine, P
14-Oct-2016Thermal responses in a freshwater fish studies on T3 T4 and heat shock proteinsSakunthala, MAkbarsha, M A
14-Oct-2016Biochemical analysis of brooders for the formulation of broodstock diet to augment production of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiBalamurugan, PBalasundaram, C
14-Oct-2016Screening of synthetic transition copper II complexes for cytotoxic property and ruthenium II complexes for use as intracellular fluorescent probesPeriasamy, V SAkbarsha, M A
14-Oct-2016Assessment of flehmen behaviour and identification of urinary pheromones in buffalo _Bubalus bubalis_with special reference to estrusRajanarayanan, SArchunan, G
18-Oct-2016Chemical characterization of bovine _Bos taurus_ urine with special reference to reproductive behaviourRamesh Kumar, KArchunan, G