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17-Oct-2016Prevention of selenite_induced cataractogenesis by acetyl_L_carnitine in an experimental modelElanchezhian, RGeraldine, P
14-Oct-2016Toxicological impact of Fe Pb and Hg on two populations of the estuarine catfish Mystus gulio _Hamilton_Kasthuri, Selvi JChandran, M R
14-Oct-2016Comprehensive culture technology of the live feed organism Brachionus calyciflorus in the context of freshwater larvicultureRajendiran, AChandran, M R
14-Oct-2016The impact of immunosuppressors and potentiators on aeromonas hydrophila bacterin immunised bagrid catfish Mystus gulio _Hamilton_Anbarasu, KChandran, M R
14-Oct-2016Induced breeding in chosen ornamental fishes using homeopathy preparationVishakan, RSubramanian, P
14-Oct-2016Thermal responses in a freshwater fish studies on T3 T4 and heat shock proteinsSakunthala, MAkbarsha, M A
19-Oct-2016Evaluation of the putative antioxidant effect of the mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus in an acute CCI4_ induced and chronic age_related state of oxidative stress in Rattus norvegicusJayakumar, TGeraldine, P
14-Oct-2016Assessment of flehmen behaviour and identification of urinary pheromones in buffalo _Bubalus bubalis_with special reference to estrusRajanarayanan, SArchunan, G
14-Oct-2016Male reproductive toxicity of the phytotherapeutic andrographolide and its prospective application in male contraceptionMurugaian, PAkbarsha, M A
14-Oct-2016Protective effect of antioxidant vitamins A C E and their analogues on p_dimethylaminoazobenzene induced hepatoma in ratsAntony Joseph Velanganni, ABalasundaram, Chellam