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16-Jun-2020development of 68ga based target specific radiotracers for diagnostic imaging applicationsakanksha jindalAshutosh Dash
16-Jun-2020oxide materials for hosting minor actinides investigation of phase relations and thermo investigation of phase relations and thermophysical propertieschiranjit nandiA.K. Tyagi
16-Jun-2020characterization of irradiation positions in kamini and fbtr and radiochemical purification studiesg v s ashok kumarM. Joseph
5-Nov-2020Studies on the Development of Technology for the Production Separation and Purification of Iodine 131 for Formulation of Therapeutic RadiopharmaceuticalsRAJWARDHAN NANDRAM AMBADEAshutosh Dash
5-Nov-2020Some Studies on the Electrochemical Behavior of Actinides and Fission Products in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for Nuclear Fuel Cycle ApplicationsGajula Murali KrishnaK. Ananthasivan
4-Nov-2020Investigation of Bi Metallic Oxide Composites for Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Splitting of WaterSriram KumarA. K. Satpati
5-Jan-2021Synthesis of Novel Ligands for Extraction of Metal Ions from Aqueous Medium and Theoretical Investigation for the Extraction MechanismAMRITA DASA K Samanta
5-Jan-2021Studies on Interaction of Niobium and Protactinium with hydrous OxidesMADHUSUDAN GHOSHK K Swain
14-Dec-2020Synthesis Mechanistic Study and Interaction of metal Nanoparticals with Biologically importent MoleculesABHISHEK DASSudhir Kapoor
24-Dec-2020Structural and functional analysis of a Trichoderma virens GAPDH associated with a secondary metabolism related gene clusterShikha PachauriPrasun K Mukharjee