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7-Feb-2020Development of target specific 99mTc radiotracers as potential radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic applicationV. KUSUM VATSSarmila Banerjee
7-Feb-2020Radiation defects in materials and their charazation using ESR UV visble spectrometry and TLSantosh Kumar SumanR M Kadam
7-Feb-2020Synthesis And Evaluation Of 18f Labelled Amino Acids For Pet ImagingLAKSHMINARAYANAN NSarmila Banerjee
7-Feb-2020Pyrazole and Imidazole based Fluorescent Boron Compounds Synthesis and Study of Aggregation Induced Enhanced Emission Properties of Tetraaryl Pyrazole Supported Polymers and CyclophosphazenesV MUKUNDAMV Krishnan
7-Feb-2020Strategic Design Syntheses of Novel Pyrazole Based Cyclometalated Palladacycles and their Utilization as Pre catalysts in Organic SynthesesRamesh MamidalaV Krishnan
7-Feb-2020Syntheses of unnatural amino acids peptides and novel fluorescent molecules from tropoloneCHENIKKAYALA BALACHANDRANagendra K Sharma
7-Feb-2020Novel Expanded Porphyrin analogues Syntheses conformation aromaticity and Structural diversityARINDAM GHOSHT K Chandrashekhar
6-Feb-2020Laser spectroscopy of some transition metal containing diatomic molecules NbN TaN ScH ScN ScO and NiCSHEO MUKUNDS. G. Nakhate
6-Feb-2020Response evaluation of freestanding system subjected to seismic loadingANUPAM SARASWATG R REDDY
7-Feb-2020Physico chemical characterization of airborne Particulate matter and source apportionment using different receptor modelsSANDEEP PG G Pandit