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30-Jan-2017Unraveling the role of pelp in breast cancer with a special focus on triple negative subtypeARCHANA KPRATHIBA D
15-Feb-2018Exploring the antidiabetic potential of Myxopyrum serratulum A W Hill and Nilgirianthus ciliatus Nees derived nanoparticlesKavitha KSujatha K
16-Oct-2020Pharmacokinetic study on the Siddha Polyherbal formulation Madhumega Chooranam mmc in preclinical and in clinical settingsAnbarasi CThanikachalam S
29-Sep-2014Study on the patient centered care at tertiary healthcare centres: a managerial perspectiveBhooma DeviSathiyasekaran, B W C
17-Oct-2016Refractive and accommodative status among the children with cerebral palsy in three special schools of Chennai and the impact of the optical intervention on the visual acuity and accommodative responseJayarajini .SViswanathan .S
24-Apr-2014Efficacy of progressive muscle relaxation on stress anxiety and pregnancy outcome among primigravidaeRajeswari SSanjeeva Reddy N
13-Oct-2020Evaluation of Heat Shock Protein 90 in Normal Oral Lichen Planus and Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaSoumya AMalathi N
13-Oct-2020Comparison on the direct and bystander effect in lymphocyte and fibroblast exposed to low and high linear energy transfer radiation and to calculate its relative biological effectivenesKarthik KVenkatachalam P
15-Oct-2020Cloud based healthcare and mobile ecosystem for affordable accessible and efficient healthcare delivery system for remote rural outreachPonraj VAPJ Abdul Kalam and Selvakumar K
24-Apr-2014Characterization ex vivo expansion and cardiomyogenic differentiation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cellsBaraneedharan UVenkatachalam P