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Title: A study of stigma discrimination and rights among persons living with mental illness
Researcher: Pan, Sayani
Guide(s): Nadkrani, Vimla V
Keywords: Social Work
Mental illness
Upload Date: 29-Aug-2012
University: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Completed Date: 08/08/2011
Abstract: The present study aimed at exploring varied experiences of stigma, discrimination and human rights faced by persons with mental illness within different settings like family, health care and work setting, factors that either strengthened or nullified stigma and discrimination and to further explore the coping strategies used against experiences of stigma and discrimination. The research study was done using qualitative method. People recovering from schizophrenia and their caregivers were interviewed using interview guide that highlighted broad themes namely demographic profile of the researched, illness profile, family relations, work, social interaction, health care system and day care centre/support group and/ or counselling participation. The findings revealed experiences of stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental illness within family, both natal and marital. Gender differences in experiences of discrimination in form of violence and denial of rights were apparent due to the patriarchal societal setting. Family support and acceptance played robust role in nullifying stigma and discrimination. Furthermore, family support was determined by caregiver s sense of stigma, pre-morbid acceptance of the researched, caregivers participation in treatment process and their knowledge about the illness. Families with daughters of marriageable age sensed greater stigma which they tried to overcome by assuming a proactive role in treatment initiation and adherence. Findings also indicated that siblings who were yet to accomplish their personal and professional life goals sensed greater stigma thereby distancing themselves from the researched. Findings also indicated researched s experiences of discrimination and rights violation within workplace setting in form of removal from job, denial of promotion and non assignment of responsible tasks on ground of mental illness. Counsellors and support groups played a significant role in vocational rehabilitation of the researched thereby suggesting the potential role of support groups and counsellors in nullifying stigma and discrimination in the external environment. Stigma and discrimination was faced within health care setting in form of poor or absence of communication about illness, and coercive treatment during hospitalization. Irrespective of nature of health care setting, researched experienced rude treatment from hospital staff in form of isolation, being tied up when they were violent during their hospital stay. Researched who had access to counselling and/or associated themselves with day care centre or support groups were immensely helped in the process of recovery. Findings also suggested researched s acceptance of rude and harsh behaviour during treatment process due to helplessness of their condition and poor awareness about their rights. With regard to coping strategies, study revealed limited strategies of researched to cope against discrimination within family setting. Dependence on the perpetrator of violence and unemployment were two factors associated with limited strategies of researched to cope against violence at home. However researched used a range of positive coping strategies to cope against discrimination within workplace setting.
Pagination: 257p.
Appears in Departments:School of Social Work

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