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26-Feb-2021Production Purification and Characterisation of and#946; Galactosidase from Paracoccus Marcusii for the synthesis of Prebiotic CarbohydratesPooja K KGothandam K M
26-Feb-2021Computational Profiling and Discovery of New Lead Compounds Targeting Breast Cancer Mutations of the Genes in P13K AKT mTOR PathwayThirumal Kumar DGeorge Priya Doss C
22-Feb-2021Functional Characterization of Genes and Proteins in Biofilm forming Pseudomonas sp And Bacillus sp of Freshwater and Agriculture EcosystemAnupama RaniBabu S
16-Feb-2021Investigation of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic DMPK Properties of Thiazolidinedone and Quinazolin 4 one Derivatives and their Relationship to Pharmacodynamics PK PDShankar SSuneetha V
16-Feb-2021In vitro and in vivo Studies on Anticancer Mechanism of Achyranthes aspera var porphyristachya Wall ex Moq Hook filDeepika SImmanuel Selvaraj C
16-Feb-2021Neuroprotective effect of Delta Opioid receptor DOR via Crosstalk between Unfolded Protein Response and Micro RNA in Parkinsons Disease PD ModelsErfath Thanjeem Begum MDwaipayan sen
3-Feb-2021lsolation and Characterization of Short Chain Fatty Acid SCFA producing probiotic Enterococcus Faecalis AG5 and its role in High Fat Diet induced Obesity and Adipocyte ApoptosisAlok Kumar MishraAsit Ranjan Ghosh
3-Feb-2021Antidiabetic potential of isolated and Nanoemulsified metabolite 2 4 6 Triphenylaniline from Endophytic Fungi Alternaria longipes strain VITN14G of Mangrove Plant Avicennia Officinalis LNathiya RGayathri M
25-Jan-2021Enhancing Malaria control using Lagenaria Siceraria and its Mediated Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles against the Vector Anopheles Stephensi and its Parasite Plasmodium FalciparumKalpana V.NDevi Rajeswari V
25-Jan-2021Ameliorative Effects of the Aqueous Leaf Extract of Madhuca Longifolia On Female Wistar Albino Rats Impact on IN VIVO on Diclofenac Administration and In SILICO ActivitiesJerine Peter SSabina E P
25-Jan-2021Antitumor Compounds From Marine ActinobacteriaAjitha GomathiGothandam K.M
25-Jan-2021Gene Network Mediated by WRKY13 to Regulate Resistance Against Sheath Infecting Fungi in Rice ORYZA SATIVA LJimmy John LillyBabu S
25-Jan-2021Nanoemulsified Garlic Oil A Promising Therapeutic Agents in Mitigating the Renal Injury Markers Signifying the progression of Nephropathy in Diabetic Wistar RatsYuvashree MPragasam V
22-Jan-2021Antibiofilm Properties of Crude and Active Flavone from ALSTONIA SCHOLSRIS Leaves Blended with Collagen Material from SCOMBEROMORUS LINEOLATUS against PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSAAbinaya MGayathri M
21-Jan-2021Identification Characterisation of Pectin From Various Sources and Pectinase From Actinomycetes for Industrial ApplicationsPraveen Kumar GSuneetha V
12-Jan-2021Integrated Computional Approach to Identify the Deleterious SNPs In Genes Responsible for MucopolysaccharidosesHimani TanwarGeorge Priya Doss
8-Jan-2021Green Synthesis of Hematite Nanoparticles Its Cytotoxic Implications and Applications in Dye RemovalKalyani RathSridharan T B
7-Jan-2021Effect of Radiation on Biomarkers and Regulators of ErythropoiesisShwetanjali NRadha Saraswathy and Sudhir Chandna
28-Dec-2020Design and Synthesis of an Aptamer and Nanomaterial Based Fluorimetric Colorimetric and Lateral Flow Assay Approaches for Multi TargetsSathya SBharkar Mohan Murari
24-Dec-2020Oxidation Driven Changes in Biophysical and Biochemical Properties of Fertility Associated Biomolecules in Human SemenArchana KSridharan T.B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 241