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14-Jun-2018Study On Synthesis And Characterization Of Highly Functionalized Isocoumarins Isoquinolinones And QuinazolinesDasaradhan.CNawaz Khan .F
1-Jun-2018Achiral And Chiral Poly Ionic Liquids Synthesis And Their Applications In Organocatalysis And CO2 SeparationNellepalli PothanagandhiKari Vijayakrishna
1-Jun-2018Biosynthesis Of Nickel Palladium And Silver Nanoparticles Using Cocos Nucifera L Coir And Its Insecticidal ActivitiesElango .GMohana Roopan .S
25-May-2018Synthesis of SnO2 Nanoparticles Their Catalytic and Anticancer ActivitiesSai Kumar TamminaBadal Kumar Mandal
25-May-2018Investigation On Synthesis Structural Magnetic Behaviour And Anti Microbial Activity Of Ferrite NanoparticlesVenkatesan.KRajanBabu .B
25-May-2018Studies On Subclasses Of Analytic And Meromorphic Functions Associated With Certain Linear OperatorsKasthuri.MVijaya .K
11-Jun-2018Synthesis And Evaluation Of Dgati Inhibitory Activity Of Analogs Of Biphenylcarboxamide And 5 Phe Nylthiazole 2 2 Dimethyl Butanoic AcidKishorkumar shivajirao kadamThirumanavelan Gandhi
26-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of new metallacyclic derivatives of aluminium iii as well as of zirconium iv potential applications in the field of caprolactone polymerization and in nano structured oxidic ceramicsPrasanth, V GPathak, Madhvesh
26-May-2017Electrical relaxation and dielectric properties of modified polymer blendsKhutia, MaumitaJoshi, Girish M
8-Jun-2018Synthesis Characterization And Biological Evaluation Of Silver N Heterocyclic Carbene ComplexesSainath Babaji AherPundlik Rambhau Bhagat