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19-Oct-2016Synthesis and characterization of polymer nano compositeKhatake, Singubiru MachindraJoshi, Girish M
20-Mar-2015Synthesis of mixed metal cobalt oxide cuprates and the study of their electrical, optical and magnetic propertiesAgilandeswari, KRuban Kumar, A
20-Mar-2015Synthesis and biological studies of phenothiazine pyrimidinone and schiff base derivativesVenkatesan, KSivakumar, A
19-Oct-2016Synthesis and charcterization of organic conduction materials and study of thir photophysical magnetic and conducting propertiesHariharasubramanian, AMoohanaroopan, S
26-May-2017Synthesis of functionalized scaffolds containing indoles and thiazolesSravanthi, T VManju, L S
19-Oct-2016Studies on synthesis Biological Evaluation of Few Nitrogen and oxygen Heterocycles pyrazolines isochromen 1 ones xanthenedionesNapoleon, A ANawz Khan, F
19-Oct-2016Green synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanomaterials and their applicationKirankumarh, AMandal, Badal Kumar
26-May-2017Studies on synthesis chemistry and catalytic applications of group 10 nickel palladium and platinum metal complexesVenkatesh SadhanaAkella Sivaramakrishna
26-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of new metallacyclic derivatives of aluminium iii as well as of zirconium iv potential applications in the field of caprolactone polymerization and in nano structured oxidic ceramicsPrasanth, V GPathak, Madhvesh
26-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of new metallo organic derivatives of copper ii interaction of these complexes with dna and their cytotoxic investigationsTummalapalli, KiranPathak, Madhvesh