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31-May-2018Preparation And Characterization Of Sol Gel Derived Hydroxyapatite Based Hybrid Composites And It s In Vitro Biological Evaluations For Biomedical ApplicationsAnjaneyulu .UVijayalakshmi .U
19-Oct-2016Synthesis of imidazo 1 2 a pyridines Imidazo fused bicyclic and tricyclic heterocyclesPatil, ShashikantMohana Roopan,S
19-Oct-2016Synthesis and biological evaluation of hetercyclic compounds as dgati inhibitors and anticancer agentsSadashivkandre, ShivajiBhagat, Pundlik Rambhau
4-Oct-2016Investigation on the growth aspects and property studies of nonliner optical R glycine single crystals in the presence of different additivesYogambal, CEzhil Vizhi, R
19-Oct-2016Synthesis and characterization of polymer nano compositeKhatake, Singubiru MachindraJoshi, Girish M
20-Aug-2018Formulation and Evaluation of Cellulose Chitosan and Hyperbranched Polymer Based Oral Thinfilm and Nanofiber for Rapid Release of DonepezilKeshireddy Anji ReddyKarapagam .S
19-Oct-2016Investigation of Fe and nidoped SnO2 dilute magnetic semiconductors for room temperature ferromagnetismKuppan, MKaleemulla, S
4-Jun-2018Synthesis Characterization And Luminescence Performance On Carbazole Based Donor Acceptor Conjugated PolymerAnjali UpadhyayKarapagam .S
19-Oct-2016Investigations on Cr Fe and Ni doped In2O3 dilute magnetic semiconductors for room temperature ferromagnetismSai Krishina, NKaleemulla, S
19-Oct-2016Mathematical modelling analysis on ecological and eco epidemiological systemsSabarmathi, ADas, Kayan and Rushi Kumar, B R