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19-Oct-2016Synthesis and characterization of polymer nano compositeKhatake, Singubiru MachindraJoshi, Girish M
4-Oct-2016Investigation on the growth aspects and property studies of nonliner optical R glycine single crystals in the presence of different additivesYogambal, CEzhil Vizhi, R
19-Oct-2016Homotopy analysis method for nonlinear differential equations with a non homogeneous termShukla, Anant KantSrinivas, S
19-Oct-2016Suercontinum generation using silicon nanowire embedded photonic crystal fibersGunasundari, ERamesh Babu
19-Oct-2016Synthesis and charcterization of organic conduction materials and study of thir photophysical magnetic and conducting propertiesHariharasubramanian, AMoohanaroopan, S
19-Oct-2016Investigations on the nucleation kinetics growth and characterizations of kb5 NaB4 Lithium succinate and khp single crystals for erequency conversion applicationLakshmipriya, MEzhil Vizhi, R
19-Oct-2016Studies on selective oxidation of amines and alcohols and bioactivity studies on N ChloraminesReddy, C B RajashekarReddy, Rajasekhara
19-Oct-2016Enhancing the efficiency and Bandwidth of second harmonic generation using photonic quasi crystal fibersBhattacharjee, RitapaRamesh Babu, P
19-Oct-2016Development of multilayred coir pith nylon epoxy hybrid compositesNarendar, RDasan, Priya
19-Oct-2016Studies on synthesis Biological Evaluation of Few Nitrogen and oxygen Heterocycles pyrazolines isochromen 1 ones xanthenedionesNapoleon, A ANawz Khan, F