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28-Jan-2021Studies on synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activities of some novel heterocyclic compoundsMaurya, GhanshyamWahab, Abdul
2-Aug-2019Adsorption kinetics of metals from aqueous solution using chemically modified and unmodified nonconventional adsorbantsMishra, ManishSingh, R P and Tripathi, J N
20-Aug-2019Synthesis and characterization of some new antimicrobial fluorinated heterocyclic compoundsSingh, Nidhi LataSingh, Narendra
8-Feb-2016Investigation in characterization synthesis and antiamicrobial activity of some heterocyclic compoundsPrajapati, Amit AmitOjha, G S ; Singh, Ram Asare
16-May-2019Chemical studies on some medicinal plants and structural determination of their chemical constitutionVatsa, NamartaAsthana, R K and Singh, Narendra
8-Jan-2019Alkaline oxidemetric determination of pyrazinamide isoniazid nifurtimox nalidixic acid albendazole benznidazole and other drugs by potassium ditelluratoargentate III regentSanjay KumarMishra, R N
24-Dec-2019Synthesis and characterization of some novel heterocycle compounds and their antimicrobial behaviourSingh, PriyaSingh, Dinesh Prakash
7-Nov-2016Synthesis of new antifungal fluorinated nitrogen bridged azolesSingh, Sandeep KumarSingh, Chhavi Raj
7-Nov-2016Synthesis and characterization of new potential biologically active compound with respect to azolesSrivastava, RanjeetaWahab, Abdul
4-Oct-2018Studies into biochemical ingredient of Fumaria Officinatis Linn medicinal plant used by tribals of MirzapurTiwari, GarimaPandey, Devendra