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20-Mar-2019Systematic Investigation of Interfacial Chemistry modified Quantum Dot CdTe ZnS Mn ZnS and Nanoparticle Silver Coupled Graphene Hybrid System for Improved Photocurrent PropertiesS. PREMKUMARD. NATARAJ
20-Mar-2019Synthesis Growth And Characterization Of N Benzyl 2 Methyl 4 Nitroaniline BNA And Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate KDP Single Crystals From Solutions With Different Chemical Environments For Nonlinear Optical ApplicationsR. KALAIVANANK. SRINIVASAN
20-Mar-2019Studies On The Growth And Characterization Of Organic And Semiorganic Nlo Single CrystalsSu. NARMATHAK. AMBUJAM
20-Mar-2019The Surface Properties And Characterization Studies Of Spandex Mixed Fabrics Using Plasma ProcessN. KARTHIKEYANK. A. VIJAYALAKSHMI
20-Mar-2019The Adsorption Properties Of Graphene Based Nanosheets A Dft StudyM. LALITHAL. SENTHILKUMAR
20-Mar-2019Theoretical Studies On The Reaction Mechanism And Kinetics Of Atmospheric Pollutants With Hydroxyl RadicalS. PONNUSAMYK. SENTHILKUMAR
20-Mar-2019Theoretical Studies On Interaction Of Molecules With Anatase Tio2 001 Surface For Medical Catalytic And Dye Sensitized Solar Cell ApplicationsM. SOWMIYAK. SENTHILKUMAR
20-Mar-2019Study On Surface Properties Of Plasma Modified Pvc Ps Pmma And Cotton Fabric By Dc Glow Discharge Plasma For Industrial ApplicationsA. SUGANYAG. SHANMUGAVELAYUTHAM
20-Mar-2019Growth Characterization And Ion Irradiation Effects On Magnetic And Magnetostrictive Properties Of Galfenol Fega Thin FilmsNIVEDITA L. RAVEENDRANR. T. RAJENDRAKUMAR
20-Mar-2019Band Gap Opened Graphene Quantum Dot Solid Sheet Nanostructures with Induced Semiconducting Properties for Opto Electronic and Sensing ApplicationsG. BHARATHID. NATARAJ
20-Mar-2019Systematic Investigation on Growth Characterization and some Application of Nanocrystalline Cobaltites MCo2O4 M Ni or Zn using Mixed Metal Carboxylates as Single Source Molecular PrecursorsG. RADHADevaraj NATARAJ
20-Mar-2019Low Temperature Synthesis Characterization And Luminescence Studies Of Undoped And Doped Zirconia NanoparticlesPRAKASH BABU. DRAMALINGAM. H.B
19-Mar-2019Reduced Graphene Oxide Based Composites For Water Remediation And Volatile Organic Compounds Sensing ApplicationsC. R. MINITHAR. T. RAJENDRAKUMAR
12-Mar-2019A Study On Growth And Physicochemical Characterization Of Single Crystals Of Salts Of Potassium Added With Amino Acids And Their Antibacterial ActivitiesP. YASOTHAR. THIYAGARAJAN
12-Mar-2019Synthesis and Physico Chemical Properties of Nanostructured AMPO4 and ANi1 3Mn1 3Co1 3PO4 ALi and K MNi Co Mn as Positive Electrodes for Hybrid SupercapacitorsN. PRIYADHARSINIR. KALAI SELVAN
12-Mar-2019Investigations on Magnetic Interactions in NiO and CoxFe3 xO4 Nanoparticles NanocompositesB.GokulR. Sathyamoorthy
8-Mar-2019Synthesis And Plasma Surface Modification Study On Bamboo Charcoal Various Metal Oxide NanocompositeK. VIGNESHK.A. VIJAYALAKSHMI
5-Mar-2019Synthesis and characterization of Hafnium oxide and doped Sr Ba Hafnium oxide nanoparticles for opto electronic and biomedical applicationsJ MANIKANTANH B RAMALINGAM
5-Mar-2019Preparation Characterization And Applications Of Proton Conducting Polymer ElectrolytesC LATHAK VENKATACHALAM
5-Mar-2019Properties And Structural Correlation In Microwave Prepared Phospahate GlassesRenuka CC Narayana Reddy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 163