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dc.description.abstractThe effect of different in vitro culture (IVC) media and supplementation of newlineoxidative uncoupler 2,4 Dinitro Phenol (DNP) to IVC medium on the in vitro newlinedevelopment of ovine embryos was assessed to suggest a suitable culture system for the newlinein vitro production of ovine embryos. It was observed that Research Vitro Cleave newlineMedium (RVCL) medium sustained better embryo development until the stage of 4-8 newlinecells, but Synthetic Oviduct Fluid (SOF) supported better blastocyst formation. It was newlineevident that the supplementation of 5and#956;M of DNP in the culture medium during the period newlineof 120 to 196h of in vitro culturing was beneficial for the development of ovine embryos newlineto blastocyst stage. newlineIn vitro development of ovine embryos derived from the BCB screened COC was newlineassessed during the different seasons. The study revealed significant influences of the newlineseasons and BCB screening on the in vitro development of ovine embryos. It was evident newline newlinexiii newline newlinethat that the efficiency of IVEP from the BCB+ COC was highest during the monsoon. In newlinecontrast, the least efficiency of IVEP during the summer might be attributed to the greater newlinemagnitude of heat stress during this season. newlineThe effect of season on the quality and preservability (4°C) of ram spermatozoa newlinethat were used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) was also assessed. The results indicated a newlinedefinite seasonal pattern in the quality and preservability of ram spermatozoa, which newlinewere found superior during the monsoon. newlineThe effect of season and BCB screening on gene expressions in ovine embryos newlinewas assessed. The study revealed significant influences of the season and BCB screening newlineon the expression of development (NANOG, OCT4, KLF4, SOX2 and GJA1) and newlineapoptosis (HSPA1A, CASP3, CASP8 and CASP9) related genes in the ovine embryos newlinederived in vitro from the BCB screened COC, at the different developmental stages (2-4 newlinecell embryos, morula and blastocysts). A favourable expression pattern of the newlinedevelopment related genes in the embryos derived from the BCB+ COC of superior newlinequality, especially during the monsoon season was evident. It was observed that the newlineintrinsic apoptotic pathway was downregulated in the embryos derived from the newlinedevelopmentally competent BCB+ COC in the monsoon and winter that resulted superior newlineblastocyst rate in these experimental groups as compared to the summer. newlineIn conclusion, the seasons and BCB screening had a significant influence on the newlinequality and in vitro developmental ability of ovine oocytes and embryos, which were newlinefound superior in the BCB+ groups, especially during the monsoon season. Similarly, the newlinefavourable expression patterns of the development and apoptosis related genes in oocytes, newlinecumulus cells and embryos were noticed in the BCB+ groups, especially during the newlinemonsoon season. In vitro culturing of embryos in SOF until 120h and then in DNP newlinesupplemented (5and#956;M) SOF until 192h was found most suitable for IVEP in ovine. A newlinedefinite seasonal pattern in the quality and preservability of ram spermatozoa was newlinenoticed, which were found superior during the monsoon. newline
dc.format.extent208 p.
dc.titleEffect of Season on Developmental competence of Oocytes in Sheep
dc.creator.researcherJoseph Rabinson Francis
dc.subject.keywordLife Sciences
dc.subject.keywordPhysiology living organisms
dc.subject.keywordPlant and Animal Science
dc.contributor.guideArindam Dhali
dc.publisher.universityJain University
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of Biotechnology
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