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Title: Design of Waveform Generators Oscillators and Modulators by using CCCII
Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Instruments and Instrumentation
University: Vignans Foundation for Science Technology and Research
Completed Date: 2020
Abstract: newlineThe primitive building units in communication systems, instrumentation and newlinecontrol units, analog signal processing systems and bio-medical equipments are newlinewaveform generators, oscillators and modulator circuits. The research work is newlinecomposed of proposing the waveform generators, oscillators and modulators using newlinesecond generation current controlled conveyor. The waveform generators such as newlineCCCII based square wave generator and Schmitt trigger designs are developed. newlineOscillators such as sinusoidal oscillator and dual output sinusoidal oscillator by using newlineCCCII are proposed. Modulators such as product modulator, also known as multiplier newlineand Frequency Shift Keying modulator (FSK) with CCCII are proposed in this work. newlineSquare wave oscillators fall under the category of relaxation oscillators, which newlineare extremely useful in the arena of communication, analog signal processing newlineoperations, instrumentation and measurement techniques and sensor networks, newlineprimarily depend on its operating frequency span. Square wave signals are utilized as newlinetiming reference or clock signals controlling ON and OFF in digital switching designs, newlinealso suitable for triggering logic configurations at precise firm intervals and in sound newlinesynthesis to recognize different types of sounds from musical instruments. Also they newlineare used in integrated sensor applications. Schmitt triggers find applications in signal newlineconditioning equipments for noise removal in digital switching signal configurations. newlineAlso they are useful in closed loop negative feedback designs to realize relaxation newlineoscillators, in implementing function generators, used in analog to digital conversion newlineand switching power supplies. newlineSinusoidal oscillators are used as stable frequency sources in electronic newlineapplications, they are useful to perform different modulation schemes in newlinecommunication systems, such as amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and newlinephase modulation.
Pagination: 96
Appears in Departments:Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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