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dc.description.abstractThe aim of this work was identification and characterization of stress responsive With No Lysine kinase (WNK) gene family in rice. WNKs are members of ser/thr protein kinase family, which lack conserved catalytic lysine (K) residue at protein kinase subdomain II and is replaced by either asparagine, serine or glycine residues and lysine residue is shifted to subdomain I. They are involved in regulation of flowering time, circadian rhythms and abiotic stresses in Arabidopsis thaliana. In this study, we have identified 9 members of WNK in rice, showed resemblance to Arabidopsis and human WNK and further clustered into five main clades phylogenetically. The predicted genes structure, bonafide conserved signature motif and domains strongly support their identity, as members of WNK kinase family. Further, transcript analysis of OsWNK by qRT-PCR revealed their differential regulation in tissue specific and abiotic stresses libraries. newlineFurther, we cloned full-length coding region of WNK9 from Oryza sativa (OsWNK9) and performed in-silico studies to confirm the presence of all kinase signature regulatory elements. The transcript analysis revealed that OsWNK9 was strongly down regulated under salinity, drought and ABA (Abscisic acid) stress in shoots. Constitutive expression of OsWNK9 in Arabidopsis thaliana imparted increased tolerance to salt, drought, and ABA stress. Promoter/gene expression studies revealed that OsWNK9 were expressed throughout plant tissues with higher expression in roots. Subcellular localization studies of OsWNK9 showed their presence in the nucleus. The transcript analysis of abiotic stress marker genes and ABA dependent genes showed they were highly expressed in transgenic lines compared to WT in response to salt, drought and ABA stress. The endogenous ABA level under salt and drought stress in transgenic lines was higher than newlineVII newlinewild type (WT).Further studies evaluated the biochemical properties of WT and OsWNK9 transgenic Arabidopsis lines against the salt and drought stress conditions. Transge
dc.titleFunctional characterization of abiotic stress responsive With No Lysine kinase in Oryza sativa
dc.creator.researcherManuka Rakesh
dc.subject.keywordBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
dc.subject.keywordBiology and Biochemistry
dc.subject.keywordLife Sciences
dc.contributor.guideKundan Kumar
dc.publisher.universityBirla Institute of Technology and Science
dc.publisher.institutionBilogical Sciene
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