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Title: Study the effect of Nanoparticles on Morphological biochemical and Biotechnological aspects in Eggplant
Researcher: Thunugunta Tejaswi
Guide(s): Reddy Lakshman
Keywords: Life Sciences
Plant and Animal Science
Plant Sciences
University: Jain University
Completed Date: 19/06/2019
Abstract: The escalating utilization of nanomaterials and their accumulation in the newlineecosystem has made essential to study their effects on the environment. Even though newlinevarious studies have been conducted on nanoparticle-plant interactions, our knowledge newlineon the exposure of plants to nanoparticles and their effects on edible crop plants remain newlinemeagre and are often paradoxical., The aim of this study was to understand the impact of newlinedifferent concentrations of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide nanoparticles on newlineeggplant at different stages of growth, along with their accumulation in different parts of newlineeggplant. The study was carried out in both in vitro and in vivo conditions to estimate the newlineeffects of nanoparticles on eggplant. newlineA number of morphological parameters like seed germination, shoot length, root newlinelength, number of lateral roots, root mass were estimated under invitro condition. newlineSimilarly, morphological parameters such as number of leaves, leaf length, leaf width, newlineshoot length, number of branches, number of fruits, fruit length and width, fresh weight newlineand dry weights of fruit were estimated and compared with control under in vivo newlineconditions. Biochemical parameters such as MDA, H2O2, POD and SOD activity, total newlineprotein, chlorophyll content, flavonoids, phenols, FRAP and DPPH were estimated. Gas newlineexchange parameters were recorded at flowering stage. The effect of nanoparticles on newlineeggplant genomic DNA was evaluated by using RAPD and ISSR markers. ESEM is used newlineto study the transport and accumulation of nanoparticles in eggplant. newlineThe experimental results indicate that nanoparticles exposed directly to the seeds newlineand seedlings under in vitro conditions, it imparted many adverse effects on eggplant. In newlinecontrast, nanoparticles exposure under in vivo conditions enhanced several growth newlineparamters of eggplant. Increase in biochemicals like MDA, H2O2, POD and SOD at newlineinitial stages of eggplant growth indicates the stress caused by nanoparticles and their newlinedecrease in later stages proves the recovery of eggplant. Increase in gas exchange newlineparameters indicated the positive effect of nanoparticles. In contrast bulk newlineZnO/TiO2/Fe2O3 treatment did not show better growth than nanoparticles treatment. newlineEggplant exposed to nano and bulk ZnO/TiO2/Fe2O3 at different concentrations did not newlineshow negative effect on genomic DNA, since no polymorphic patterns evidenced in newlineRAPD and ISSR marker studies. newline newlineIrrespective of growth conditions and nanoparticles concentrations, nanoparticles newlineenter eggplant and accumulate in different parts like stem, leaf and root. This provided newlineevidence for the possibility of nanoparticles accumulation in fruits and their effects on newlineliving organisms. Thus there is a need for further research on nanoparticles effect on newlineanimals. newline
Pagination: 133 p.
Appears in Departments:Department of Biotechnology

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